Claptastic Voyage Soundtrack

Anyone heard or know if this is likely to be released on itunes like the other DLC soundtracks?

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I want Overlook musics! Mainly the sad music after we destroyed the arena.

The more I play this game, the more I appreciate the music. Jesper Kyd do all of these? Dude’s a genius. I was impressed with the soundtrack from BL2, and actually have a number of those tracks on my regular music player, and I’m considering Fyrestone Simulator for my new main bike riding theme.

I finally found the “sad song” on Youtube but still don’t know who sings =P

You can stream the soundtrack here!

I just heard (without being in the middle of a big fracas where I wasn’t paying attention to the music so much) the combat theme from Cluster 99002 OV3RLOOK… the Borderlands 2/TPS soundtrack is seriously vying for my favorite game soundtrack of all time.

I really liked how it rained after it. It showed you how sad Claptrap really was.

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Been wondering that myself. All of the tracks he wrote can be streamed in full from his website with the track titles shown and everything. But no word as of yet on whether it will be for sale at some point.