Claptastic Voyage: Way to Motherlessboard is blocked


I have a Problem in the DLC Claptastic Voyage. In the Mission File search you go to the Map Motherlessboard.
I do the whole thing in the security room and traveled then to the motherlessboard. But then the game crushed and I musst restart the game. I started in the Map Nexus and the door in the security room is closed. Now i dont know why and how i open the door again.

Sorry for my bad english ;D

bets bet as something similar has happened to me, I believe if you join someone else’s game in that area, then they take you out of that area and travel to Concordia, leave their game restart yours you should be back in Concordia and can restart the mission.

I got trapped like that once when I joined a friends game and he was in an area I had not been in before he ended his game and that toon would spawn their when I started my game with no way out and that is the method I used to get out of that area

@Mischu: have you by chance filed a support ticket regarding this issue? If not, I would suggest doing so whenever you have a moment: The team is always trying get info on issues such as this.

I am having the similiar problem . I crossed thru from Nexus successfully to the motherless board
in vault hunter mode , i am at level 49 . when i was at the motherlessboard i hit save and quit , as i had to leave gameplay . the next night i started gameplay , the door is closed and won’t open to the motherless board .

i did report the problem to gearbox software as well . forgot to mention … sorry

I am having the same issue. They need to patch this so I can play the DLC!

Have had this happen several times.
[Admin Redacted]

Can’t mention the editor in those terms either. :wink:

To anyone experiencing this issue, please contact our support team via the link below and they’ll be happy to help you out.

OK, so the moral of this story is play through to the Pandora fast-travel point after plunging into this trek–or else get stuck forever? That’s quite a nasty bug. I’m surprised it wasn’t caught earlier.

Is it Possible to Reset the DLC altogether without Making a new Character
on pc?

You can reset your entire game in UVHM, but not other modes. You can only reset the whole game, not individual DLC. Also, unholy necro! Have you by chance got stuck on the same bug? If so, try and find someone through the PC On-line play section who can either get you through it or back to Concordia.

Oh well im only on classic

I’m not sure what that means? There’s:

  • Normal vault hunter mode (NVHM)
  • True vault hunter mode (TVHM)
  • Ultumate vault hunter mode (UVHM)

If you’re stuck and a restart doesn’t fix the problem, post in the relevant on-line play section asking for help and state which mode you’re in. Good luck!