Claptastic Voyage won't scale in TVHM

I recently finished TVHM and went into the DLC at level 50 having not started it at a lower level or anything like that and all the quests and enemies are at level 40, even going into the second mission. Does anyone know how to fix this without starting UVHM?

Did you play any of the DLC in someone else’s game with that character? I had the same thing happen with one of my characters - I’d jumped in someone else’s game when they were level 45 or so. When I went to play it at level 50 from the start in my own game, the maps were already fixed at level 45 even though I was technically starting form the beginning (Deck 13-1/2). If that’s the case, the levels should pick up once you’re past the part of the story you’d played co-op.