Claptastic voyage?

I just downloaded UVHUP and the holodome but I could not find the claptastic voyage dlc. Is that included in the season pass only or what? Cause I could not find it in downloadable content.

Which version of the game do you have, and on which platform? It should be available separately OR as part of the season pass OR included in the Handsome Collection (XB1/PS4) or Triple Pack (360/PS3/PC) bundles.

Ps3 single game

It’s also a two part download. Do you have part 1 and 2?

Im not sure there are only 4 things available now after the uvhup and holodome, which i just downloaded and they are as follows: Handsome Jack pack, which gives you the doppelganger, the shock drop slaughter pit, lady hammerlock pack and tps season pass.

I may just have to trade in my games and get the triple pack, cause it doesnt say a thing about the claptastic voyage

Maybe i already have it? Where do i go to access claptastic voyage?

Deck 13.5 from the fast travel

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I found it guys! Thanks for the help! I had to click on deck 13.5 in the fast travel station to find it like you guys suggested. It was weird it was not showing up under downloadable content. Now I see it comes with the ultimate vault hunter upgrade pack 2.

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I had to beat the game once then go into the other mode then it appeared for me

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