Claptastic VoyagePart 2 "Not Downloaded"

So I bought the DLC and downloaded it, but in the in game store it says that part 2 of the DLC is “Not Downloaded” I’ve tried redownloading it several times, I tried clearing my cache, deleting it and downloading again. Nothing it making it register.

In game it shows up that I don’t own the DLC either and prompts me to download it.

Is this a known issue?, is it being worked on? or is there a fix?

I’m getting this also. It’s pathetic. Not only is this game riddled with glitches but now the add-on won’t work for me.

It’s cool…take my money and leave me hanging guys!

There are several threads with this issue listed–sometimes it’s DLC part one, sometimes part two. Devs are gathering info to correct it. At least that seems to be the case after reading all the threads.

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I get this message (not downloaded) for part 2 but I can still play the DLC - have you tried to fast travel to Deck 13 and a half. As long as you have downloaded both parts and compatibility pack and as long as Part 1 and compatibility pack are installed, it should work.

Nah, I’ve tried entering in game, like I said it prompts me to redownload the pack. We gave up for now. I bought it for me and my girlfriend to have something to play this week. We’ll wait until Gearbox or 2k Aus to fix it properly.

I’m very glad I didn’t support this game from launch or buy the Season Pass. Should have been promoted as a Stand Along Expansion at most.

Thanks for the responses guys. May I suggest buying and enjoying BL1 or 2 on another platform while you wait (There was a discount on steam). I own them on Xbox, PS3 and steam and I can’t get enough of Borderlands 1. Its exclusion is the only reason I haven’t bought the Handsome Collection.

Hi guys, sorry to hear about the issues here. As said above, the team is aware and currently investigating. In the meantime, submitting a support request via the link below will help the team get the ball rolling on helping you out. Sorry again and thanks for your patience!

Just try traveling to deck 13

13 1/2*

As said above I’ve tried to enter to DLC in game, through trying to fast travel to Deck 13 1/2. It tells me to redownload the DLC. It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve had enough, I’m going to get refund from either Gearbox or MS.

I had planned to buy the Handsome Collection after completing the Claptastic DLC or if GB announce Borderlands Remastered. There is no way in hell I’m buying them now.