Claptrap and the rerouter

Hi guys,

I’m not quite there but did anybody test the legendary Rerouter shield in combination with a, say, Luck Cannon on Clappy when the shield routine is active?
Since the shield routine restores shields like crazy, the amp damage (and triggered heal on amp shot) should be active a lot.

Or is there something I missed?

Thanks for feedback!

It should be good, I run TG so I’ll be sure to put it up for testing. If the rerouter is better than a standard amp shield I’m sure it would be good for one of those defensive routine builds, it’s just a shame that you can’t have any hyperion parts.

It should be better actually since it also heals for the amount of shield drain. So withe the shield routine up, should constantly be cycling through heal/amped up shot/shield dran/shield restore. Sounds fun

I tried it a little bit with a Shield Routine, it was pretty good for keeping amp up, but the healing was kind of eh. Just because it’s a rare occaision that your shield is up and you need the health, especially with Clappy and his heal.

Other than that it’s just a better amp shield, which isn’t too great with Clappy as most of his preferred weaponry doesn’t really care about Amp (with some exceptions like the Luck Cannon and Snipers I guess).

I see your point there. Thanks for testing it out, man. Maybe that’s a setup more suitable for boss fights then? Those are occasions where you might be low on health under the constantly recharging shield. Eclipse/EOS maybe …

It’s pretty nice for boss fights when you’re exclusively specced into safety first in the right tree.

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