a Mistake

Ok guys,

I’ve had a moment of sudden clarity. It’s a long shot, given Gearbox’s humour, but I was thinking about it and it suddenly hit me.

What if…the “Claptrap…as a mistake” intro is actually referring to Claptrap in a heroic light?

What if it meant a mistake on Jack’s part? Without bringing Claptrap on the ride, he would have never seen the growing insanity of Jack. He would have never have seen the destruction of his race (if you could call it that) first hand, which, let’s face it, would piss anyone off.

Without Claptrap, you may have not made it off of Liar’s Berg alive. Without Claptrap, you would have never have got into Thousand Cuts. Without Claptrap, you would never have got into Hero’s Pass.

Could this possibly be the case?

Just my useless opinion for the day.


Claptrap is vastly under-rated by almost everybody in the game, because he is quite frankly a well-meaning klutz. You’re right though - you couldn’t get to the end in BL2 without him. So Jack not going back and killing Clappy after Hammerlock rescued him was indeed a big mistake on Jack’s part. Jack’s other mistake was not shooting you (the vault hunter) instead of monologuing when he had the chance. Too bad we didn’t get a “Never go up against a hero when death is on the line” moment from him - that would have been perfect!


I love this theory. Borderlands wouldn’t exist without Claptrap. He’s the glue that binds everything together.