Claptrap at 70 - help me like subroutines OR not

Is it worth speccing into the right tree without going into tripleclock?

This would be the base. I’d run a non-melee focused build. If a subroutine comes up that I am not configured correctly for, I might ignore it and/or try to slam out of it.



I would avoid the elemental subroutine because I’d hate to end up with fire or corrosive at the wrong time.

The main benefits of going down this tree are the novas near/at the top and death machine. And mild benefit when the guntype actually matches what I’m using.

Why not tripleclock? Because what if I don’t have a good gun of that type for the current subroutine in my inventory? Or no ammo for it? What if I do have that guntype equipped but it’s the wrong element for whom I’m fighting?

I can only equip 4 of the 6 (or more?) guntypes at a time and then I’d feel forced to swap guns or slam down the routine. I do like “one shot wonder” though.


So, if I do spec completely without subroutines I end up something like this:

I’d probably use a nova shield, a flakker, and a mix of things for the rest of my items.


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The penalty from triple clocked can still be worked around with the right weapons. Assuming you are still speecing into Boomtrap, OLT will still wreck things with explosive weapons. Also, tediore reloads and cryo should still keep you covered.

Basically, no damage penalty can override the awesomeness that is cryo, crits, and explosive. If you use these, -75% damage still won’t mean much, because you’ll still be doing enough damage to take care of most mobs and badasses easily enough.

I don’t have enough experiences with bosses to say anything there (it’s been months since I’ve played Clappy) but outside of Eclipse/EOS, you should be able to get through just fine.

Well. I’d like to build something that can destroy Eclipse/EOS in under 10 minutes (or even 5). I am guessing that perhaps I wouldn’t touch the subroutines in that case. Or maybe I would and then I’d wait for a good subroutine before jumping into the fray.

Here’s what I do try if I use tripleclock:

I haven’t been able to try this yet because I’m level 69 and I’m finishing TVHM (yeah I just got finished powerleveling all to 70, Claptrap is my last guy left and I have to run him through the last bit of TVHM and then I can start UVHM).