Claptrap Best Buds 4 Life question

I have a question about Claptraps “I love you guys” skill tree. Particularly involving the skill “Best Buds 4 Life”. Since the free weekend is over and I was unable to test it with friends I would just like to know. Does this skill proc when allies get a second wind on their own? Or is it only with revives and self-second winds?

Does no one know about this or is Claptrap just irrelevant on these forums lol.

Probably not. The skill says “when you’re revived or revive someone” implying that your character has to in some way be responsible for the action for the skill to take effect.

Still, you should be able to test this yourself if the skill has an icon (I honestly don’t know if it does). Just see what happens when your friend gets up after being down.

Yea I’ve been waiting wanting to test it out but my friend has been waiting to get money for Handsome Collection.