Claptrap Boss Anguish ACNAero needs your help!

The boss just glitched out during the Eos part. I’m fcking done with this DLC. I quit. I fcking quit. Worst story boss ever. It single-handily ruined the entire DLC for me. I’m never playing this DLC again.

loooool that’s your loss

Thanks for rubbing it in.


Don’t give up, buddy!

You can do it.

And think of how satisfying it will be when you do!

It makes me think of Demon’s Souls / Dark Souls 1 & 2, arguably the hardest games I’ve ever played.

Ive had bosses in all those games that took me DAYS to pass.

Just got to find the right combo of gear and tactics!

You don’t understand me. I don’t feel satisfied or what not. I just frustratedly say “finally” and start cursing the boss or mission. And I’m not one of those hardcore people that enjoys extreme challenges like you do with Dark Souls. I just get frustrated beyond belief.

I know how you feel. I was saying the same thing yesterday when I faced the boss for the first time. He almost singlehandley ruined the DLC for me. Then I realized he had Piston’s voice, so I should expect loads of bulls**t.

In all seriousness, I have picked up a few tricks.

  1. He’s like Bosun/ Deadlift (huge ass shield), much easier to kill when you have a shock weapon to strip his shield and corrosive for his armor.
  2. Those missiles can health gate you and have a stupidly huge radius, but you can shoot them out of the air, or dodge them if you see them coming.
    3)Its best to stay right in front of him when you’re about to get downed. Second winds tend to fly near you anyway, but he has difficulty hitting you with some attacks when you’re right beneath him.
  3. Spec into as many health regen skills as you can. If you can get out of health gate range in 4 or 5 seconds, you can avoid a lot of downs. Don’t bother with shields, they all get wiped out in one hit.
  4. If you need a breather, don’t be afraid to run wherever you can, even if its the lava. The damage it does is low to negligible, and if it can buy you some time to recoup, its well worth it.
  5. This may be the only fight where you’ll want to spec into skills that increase your bonuses when low on health. You spend a lot of time in this fight on low health, so they help a lot.

Thats all I have. His 2nd stage (before the satellite) is the hardest boss battle in all of borderlands, but once you get past it, the satellite is pretty easy comparitively. It may take some trial and error, and a few runs with a coop partner, but you can do eventually if you stick with it.

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It took me 2 hours to beat him on NORMAL with top farmed gear and being just one level below him (he was 38, i was 37).

I cant even imagine him on TVHM or UVHM.

His first form is definitely WAY harder, and he thankfully stays on that form if you die (not sure about leaving the area or save quitting).

Home front and homing corrosive grenades did most of the work while i stsyed behind cover, for both his forms.

The bubble things he shoots are pretty easy to shoot down, but those missiles!


You can shoot down some, but theres so many and they fly so fast!

  1. I have Moxxi’s laser, which doesn’t reach Eos, and the shock pistol from the Holodome, which makes me run out of ammo too quickly (I’m Nisha).

  2. I can’t dodge them, they’re heatseeking. I try dodging them, and they follow me and hit me

  3. I did, I respec’d into L&O tree, and I use a Celestial Lawbringer, so my health is either full, or gone.

  4. I did, I used the Lava to keep my Order stacks during the few seconds of downtime I get.

  1. I tried the Vibrapulse too. It doesn’t work too well. The healing from skills is far more potent. Then again, I used Jack and Wilhelm. I’m not sure about Nisha. You may want to look in the Lawbringer forums to see if anybody has found a way to do this.

  2. If you crouch as they’re about to hit you, sometimes (if you’re really lucky) they miss.

  3. I’d imagine this is more difficult for Nisha then for Jack or Wilhelm. It is pretty difficult without source of constant, powerful health regen for extended periods. If you aren’t doing this already, you may want to try turtle shields to lower your health to make it easier to get out of health gate.

5)Thats a good strategy. The higher your order stacks, the greater your odds of survival.

Since I don’t play Nisha that often, the only other thing I can suggest is to try using corrosive and shock glitched weapons. They can massively increase your damage output, although it is random. And you may as well throw transfusions every time you get the big guy in your line of sight, because thats about the time he’ll bombard you with those rockets lol.

I already beat Eclipse. I’m stuck on EOS now because I either get killed, or he glitches out and doesn’t come back to fight. He glitched out twice in a row. I’ll try again tomorrow after I’ve cooled down.

You’re in Claptrap’s mind. Its bound to be rage inducing :joy:

In all seriousness though, good luck with it. Hopefully tommorrow you can beat the overgrown walking toaster into the recycle bin!

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I don’t know why, but this made me think of this song

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Mongol works.

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Made this into a separate thread.

I think you have to kill the badass minions he sends before he’ll return to the field.

I used the Hard Reboot pistol I got as a quest reward from a side quest in Pandora for stripping his shields. I believe it was the Data Mining quest if you choose to kill the cookies. I don’t know if it always comes with Shock, but mine did.

The laser you get as a quest reward from MINAC, also in the Pandora section can reach Eos. It’s a blaster type instead of a beam type. It won’t list an elemental type, because it constantly rotates between fire, shock and corrosion. I was was using it with my Fragtrap, so I was also getting the explosive from his skill. Even with using the Chronicler of Elpis I wasn’t freezing any any enemies with this laser, so I think it only does corrosive, shock and fire. Plus the shots have a small splash damage radius.

Take your off-forum drama off this forum, please.

Right now I’m stuck on Eclipse 2.0 (TVHM level 50 Athena). Second time, I stripped his shield and got his health down to 25% before he FFYL’d me when there were literally no ads in the arena. After that, just died 10x in a row before calling it quits. And now you’re telling me there’s an even tougher boss before I get through this thing? :open_mouth:

Think it’s time to call in the cavalry…

Man…you guys are making me salivate…

I WANT this fight…

EVERY boss has a “method”

We just have to figure this one out…

Course I beat Vorac all of once solo…and swore I’d never do that fight again after failing about 150 times…LOL

In a Party…MUCH easier fight…still challenging…but doable.

Maybe we have to “party up” a bit till we work out all the angles on this one.

I’m playing as Nisha and I have him down to about 10 min on UVHM. I am spec’d into the healing portions of green tree (probably a must for Normal mode), much of the middle tree, and right tree. I rotate through weapons a lot. I have been trying different things and If you have trickshot I would go with a weapon that can bounce and aim for the turrets on him until he exposes the eye more frequently in the third transition of Eos. Otherwise just stay calm (honestly the biggest thing that helped me was learning to do this) and use the pillars around the middle to block rockets and other projectiles. I NEVER kill the swarmers outside of triggering kill skills just before showdown to maximize its damage and for second winds. Those little buggers actually fly toward you most of the time when you go FFYL. Also get used to dropping to the low part of the opposite side of the middle platform from him without going into the lava. If you can do this you can block a lot of projectiles, be ready to hide behind pillars when needed, and get out of dodge fast when needed. As far as weapons go I have been using a rosie or hard reboot (depending on my ammo at the time) for eclipse and then the hard reboot or whatever else happens to have ammo on Eos for shields. For the main body I have been using mostly a corrosive blaster or a decent slapper for both. Things with a big blast radius can hit multiple hitboxes it seems if you aim near the turrets and rocket pods. I hope this helps. Your biggest enemy might actually be low max ammo amounts if you haven’t bought those SDUs yet.

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I already do all this.

This will actually help me. This fight honestly is as stressful for me as X-COM was.

I hate the Rosie, and as such, I either vendor or trade any that I get. What is the Hard Reboot? I’ve never heard of it. What I have is: Maggie, Moonface, Torgue RL, Moxxi laser, fire Hail, and the shock Hyperion pistol from the Holodome (I think it’s called the TR-4.)

Also, thanks for trying to help.