ClapTrap Build: My Retinas Just Got Rektinas

I am sorry if the title gave you cancer.
BEHOLD! Remember when you started playing as Hellborn Krieg with the FotFH giving you migraines as you ran through the Bloodshot Stronghold on OP8? Well I’m here to make sure that problem rises from its ashes with redoubled fury like a phoenix rising from the ashes of… yeah…

pH03-TP (Phoenix-Trap)

Primary: Texas Coach Gun. Fastest reload speed for most SWABS.

Secondary: Fire Boss Nova. For more Novas.

Tertiary: Marek’s Mouth. This work’s weird with Oxidizer. Try it.

Quaternary: Meh. I had 2 minutes to write this.

Naught. This is extremely important. This lets you make novas like there’s no-tomorrow-va. (Sorry.)

Oxidizer. When your subroutine changes, enemies around you will emit about 6 novas each.

Fire or Cryo Singularity. I’d use a Meganade but I don’t have the DLC.

Warranty Void Factory Second (+6 DM, +5
Audacious/Foolhardy Sapper (+6 OLT, +5 SWAB, vice versa)

Skill Tree:

Basically you want to always have a non-explosive elemental subroutine bye i cant finish this right now

If you’re primarily using a Jakob’s shotgun, why wouldn’t you want a purple factory second, Accuracy, Critical , and the Bonuses from DM all seem highly beneficial to a shotgun (I might even go with Malfunctioning for the extra +10% crit which is HUGE when factoring that it counts for all of your pellets and the accuracy boosts you should be getting with SS).

I personally don’t like the oxidizer as it does nothing for you in space. Probably could go with a Systems Purge for extra damage (Off the top of my head).

I wanna look into some shotguns for you, just because you probably want to get the most out of OLT. (Maybe a flayer with its 9 mag or some variation of 8 mag quad if you don’t have dlc.

Also the boss nova is really bad, and unreliable, and an assault rifle, and only splash, I get the gimmick ur going for but I mean it’s like taking a Rokkets AR for a RL based build just because of its name.

You mentioned a Nought-Subroutine Nova Combo in your TG post, what’s your trigger here? Ramboing enemies or planning to SWAB/KB ur shield away?

Also ur spec seems a little wierd, with wasted points trying to get the FF capstone that really isnt worth it coupled with one-ofs that don’t really do much. I suggest something more along the lines of this

I also would like to recommend a fourthiary item along the lines of a tediore weapon like the IVF or Laser Disker, although not necessary, for potentially dealing some unhindered damage while you wait for your good subroutines (I know u currently have CEM but I was working with a more efficient spec in mind.

Overall I really like the idea, I’ll give it a whirl and see what comes up. You might wanna follow the trend and change your title to include the [Build] too.