Claptrap Collectables Different Playthroughs

So now I’m farming the Claptrap DLC for the various collectables they drop for their respective achievements. So does collecting a bunch in Playthrough 2 not count in Playthrough 1 (example: I collected 7 oil cans in Playthrough 2 and 4 in Playthrough 1.) I bought the DLC after I beat Playthrough 2 and played them on Playthrough 2 first. It’s still the same character, just different playthroughs.

I think you need to get them all on the same playthrough and I’m beginning to wonder if you need to get them all in the same play session.
On a previous gt B3ntu I got all the achievement but on my current one this alludes me, I’ve farmed the clap traps on several runs and I’m sure I’ve picked up enough pink panties etc to get the achievement.

I know you don’t have to get them all in one go since I got “It’s So Realistic!” In different play sessions. But it does seem that you can only get them on one playthrough. Sad. Thanks though

So it seems like it does transfer over from playthrough to playthrough: AS LONG AS YOU COMPLETELY FINISH THE DLC IN BOTH PLAYTHROUGHS. It’s still very ambiguous and I’m not sure if EVERYTHING gets carried over. Happy hunting :blush: