Claptrap Collectibles

Hi, I have a question about collectibles in Claptrap DLC.
If I play with a friend (coop) and he picks an oil or something, will it count just for him or for both of us?
And when I pick up 5, quit the game and come back after 5 hours or so, will it start from 0 or will it remember where I left of?
Thanks :wink:

As I recall, that achievement is bugged, it doesn’t actually record your progress, meaning you’d have to find enough of all the special ones in one session (which is really lame and annoying). It’s one of only a few achievements in the game I don’t have. The best way to get it, is to use the MINAC fight and park your character somewhere safe, letting the suicide traps die over and over again (many ppl on consoles would just leave it on overnight and collect the drops in the morning).


Well this sounds bad…I read somewhere before creating this that it remembers, but I wanted to be sure. Oh well, I’m on PC so I’ll maybe try it for a night. Thanks for the reply :smile:

I’ve never had an issue with it remembering my progress. I tried the MINAC way and it took forever for me. I just memorized the fastest routes where claptraps spawned and massacred them en masse. I also kept a tally on paper every time I looted one to let me know what I needed.

I did it over a couple of days time so I wouldn’t get burnt out on it. Just popped on some headphones and started slaying.

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Interesting, I still haven’t got it and I’ve played ~2500 hours in BL1 and a good several hundred in DLC4 specifically.

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Yeah, I also have never taken the game online or played co-op. Just GOTY edition, straight out of the box. I don’t know if that would affect anything, though.

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It will keep count. I farmed the Hyperion Dump for days to complete these Achievements & Trophies (I did it on both the Xbox 360 and PS3).

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OK Thanks for replies all :slight_smile: