Claptrap dlc collectable item achievements

is it just me or does anyone else think the claptrap dlc collectable item achievements are bs

They are extremely annoying.

To make it a little easier, You can farm for them at MINAC. Just take shelter in one of the shacks to your right upon entering the map.
MINAC will release a constant stream of suicide-traps which will drop all the collectables.

Leave your game idling for a couple hours and you should be good to go.

I have done that but barely got anything but motherboards,wires and gears

How long did you leave it idling? Sounds like you may not have left it long enough.

a hour or so I guess… it will have loads of time to idle tomorrow while I make homemade bread and a pot of chilli

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Takes way more than an hour. I’ve heard of folks leaving it overnight. I did all mine running the Hyperion Dump and the factory one (Divided Faults?), running round in circles over and over…

ok thanks will message u if i havent got them by them…have had my game idleing at the minac while I have been getting some things done around the house just did a quick run around and picked up what stuff had dropped and I got the bobble head achievement, still need loads of oil cans and I could swear I have picked up enough pink panties, clapfish and pizza for that achievement but it haven’t got it yet.

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btw if I do the claptrap dlc on my second plathrough on the same character does the collectables still count towards the total for the acheivements?

That’s pretty much what I did to get that achievement - all in the same play-through but over-levelled just to cut the mobs down faster.

ok thanks guys in that case ill stay here idleing at the minac on first playthrough on my level 69 mordy awhile longer

that moment when I’m running around picking up collectables forget to look behind me and the minac runs me over

Ha…yep! Pretty sure that different playthroughs are counted separately. Just leave it overnight/school day/whatever and you should be good.

so my game has been idleing for like 3 and a half hours now and I have just the oil can achievement left to get, oil cans seem to be the rarest out of all the collectables i have about10-12 out of 25 so far i think

Pretty sure that was the last one I got too - the ones that require more items seem to have lower spawn rates. Either that, or the RNG dislikes us equally!