Claptrap DLC freezing for no good reason PS3

We had it freeze twice today when we were just walking around. No big firefight or heavy action. Anyone else with this problem?

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yes. experiencing the same thing. theres another post here that i replied to that show exactly whats happening, its what i sent to gbx support,

@SonOfNothing – you say

but are posting in the PS4 section? Anyway, I’m getting crashes of late (on PS3) but not sure if more than usual?! I also crashed at the end of the EOS fight – trophy popped, loot showered, then CRASH. Had to do the whole fight over to finish. I think certain gun/character combos tend to cause isses, too (like: Nisha with a Torrent).

Didn’t realize I was posting in Ps4 section, but the fact that it’s freezing on different platforms leads me to believe that it’s a problem inside the dlc and not something system related.

That happens regularly to me too. First time I killed EOS it dropped a Thunderfire which I subsequently lost when I went to pick it up and it froze.