Claptrap Emoji?

some know if ther are emojis of Claptrap?i am big fan of the little idiot and i like emojiso would be fun to have emoji of Claptrap.i did came across this website-
(its in my language-Dutch)but i am a idiot with Pc stuf etc,so i dont know if you can realy buy these and use them when you post stuf on the internet(ps sorry if this is the wrong place to post,and sorry for any wrong/spelling English…“no Letters where harmed during this post”):acmaffirmative:

This site comes with four in its custom emoji section:
:blyoohoo: :blzzzzzz: :blleaking: :bldancing:

As @Adabiviak said, there are some included in the set. Click on the emoji menu bar icon in the editor window:


Then click on the custom icon in the bottom-right to pull up the set:


This includes A:CM, Duke, and BL1 custom emojis. :dukeaffirmative: :blhappy: :blyoohoo:

:blyoohoo:…AHHH yes indeed THANKS

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This might be an entry to Things You Found Out Ridicolously Late. Lol