Claptrap explosion

So, I was doing the Trashlantis quest where you kill the big claptrap to get that AI chip. I dropped in, and hordes of maniacal claptraps start coming at me. I was playing on M2 with the Cartel stuff enabled. As I killed them, they started spawning Cartel Loaders, which starting fighting them and me. OK, thought I, I guess that makes sense. What followed was a good 30 minutes of insanity in which I gained almost 2 levels as I kept getting multiple chains of cartels and more and more claptraps. Finally the boss spawned and engaged the cartel bots and I still had rabid claptraps everywhere and lots of Cartel chaining. I went into FFYL about 15 times but always got popped right back up. I had a yellow cake and was just murdering everything. Two Fishslaps and four or five of the other minis and about 12 legendaries. I finally killed the boss and then after a while just had to die out. Was a lot of fun. Not sure that the Cartel should be chaining off of the claptrap kills but it was a riot.


I was doing this the other day it was a lot of fun. I can usually get 4 or 5 of the cartel mini bosses to spawn in there and have gotten good loot from them

Yeah I think the Tenderiser turning up is a riot as he heals enemies including Scraptrap Prime, add in the Surveyors and M10 can take some doing at times lol.

Yeah i messed up for a bit lol i was playing amara with corrosion and wondered why their health kept going up insane amounts then noticed that little guy blending in

Had my Zane bin dipping in the ammo crates after 30 min, then swapping to anything I hadn’t used just to finish it off. Sad thing was my total loot was 2 trash legendaries, I’m really REALLY hoping these messed up drops are addressed quickly.