Claptrap Glitch Gun Challenge!

Okay everybody, I got a challenge for everybody on here!

Like the header says, this involves the use of the Glitch Guns from Claptastic Voyage. Get as many as you can find, and head over to the Mutator arena. Complete a match using only Glitch Guns, but you can use any of the mutators around. Everytime you complete a match, raise the level up. For example, I recently finished level 3, and plan on seeing how high I can get a little later today.

Put your progress here, and bonus points for anyone who’s doing this challenge as Claptrap. Let’s have fun with this!!!

Rule Change: If you’ve made it to round 9, and you’re stuck, then switch to any normal weapon you have. Just be sure to have at least 1 Glitch Gun among the 4 weapons you’re using.

Update 1: Went through rounds 4 through 7 without trouble. Currently working on round 8, but it’s giving me a hard time.

Update 2: Finished round 8 a few minutes ago. I can’t tell you how many times I died before I actually managed to beat it! It’s the calm before the storm, a.k.a. round 9.

Update 3: Stuck on round 9. Haven’t beaten it yet.

Update 4: Gave up on completing round 9. I’ve tried to go through it so many times, to say how many times would be absolutely ridiculous.

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Been soloing level 3-4 with vampire and hipfire setting using nothing but a glitch quad.

When the baby glows yellow its go time, absolute advantage at 80% + burst fire low recoil quad + 81% to reload upon throwing a grenade = death.