Claptrap in slo mo?

I have noticed what seems like a bug with claptrap after he has been struck with cry weapons.

Once the initial cry effect has worn off claptrap’s movement is permanently in slo motion even when trying to run.

The only fix I can see for it is to quit the game and reload.

It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does happen it is kinda annoying :smile:

Has any one else experienced this with clappy?

I am using a Mac and have the latest patches.

This isn’t only with Clappy … it affects all characters and is a known issue. It especially hits if you go in to FFYL while hit with a Cryo affect. Once you recover you’re permanently slowed until like you said you quit/reload.

Thanks mate.
Good to know it isn’t just me.

I’ve gotten this with other characters and if I freeze myself and let it run out it fixes its self. I’ve done it with jack and athena

Thanks Derch, I’ll try that next time it happens