Claptrap in Smash Bros

Hey guys i recently started a petition to get the awesome claptrap into smash bros for 3ds and Wii U i think if we get alot of supporters we can see our beloved claptrap in smash bros so if you guys could take a quick minute to sign we can make it happen like this comment so people could see and sign tell all your friends and spead the word thanks alot

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We all want this to happen, but reality like the bitch it is (and not the good type of bitch that shoots bullets) won’t let it happen. Here is why:

  1. Borderlands hasn’t appeared on any Nintendo Console to date

  2. I am going to be honest, Nintendo fanboys are a whole new ball game, they may not be Microsoft or Sony fanboys, but they are still going to nag out all characters that aren’t Chorus boys, Ridley, or [insert character some popular youtuber wanted].

Personally, Claptrap would definitely be amazing, I mean it would be fun to blow up Mario with Clap-in-the-Box, and Borderlands had made homages to Nintendo before. Heck, maybe Gearbox could sign a deal with them. If Claptrap DOES win the vote somehow, there are going to be a lot of PO’ed fanboys though.

  1. I don’t think that matters too much, it’ll just hurt the chances of those who haven’t due not being known by Nintendo “fans”
  2. Yeah, I agree with you 100% here cause roughly 50% of the topics for “Who I hope gets added” is Ridley, King K Rool or some other similar character.

Well… just in case he gets added I hope for his final smash it’s either a mini VaultHunter.exe (randomly chooses between a few “buffs” with one being more of a debuff but still improves something for example he gets rubby ducky mode) or M.I.N.A.C. appears and does it’s laser beam attack 2-5 times.

Yeah, definitely not happening.

  1. Not a Nintendo character.
  2. Unless recognized beforehand by Nintendo that they would follow through if your petition got X amount of signatures, your petition means nothing.

I don’t mean to be a complete ass, but as oeeshik said, that’s the reality.


I think they’re willing to consider most any character but for 3rd party stuff they will need to ok it with the character’s company so it’s not a 100% guarantee even if the character passes the initial voting phase.

While claptrap alone does fit smash pretty well, gearbox have no connections with Nintendo as far as I know, no bl game has been on a nintendo console and Borderlands as a series if you ask me is way too controversial for nintendo to consider having a connection to in smash.

Like, I dont know anything about the metal gear solid games but from what I read the main guy behind them is quite connected with the guy who makes smash and I never hear any outlandish things about metal gear where as borderlands games are very “out there” and have the kind of humour you dont really ever get on nintendo consoles (yeah there was conkes bad fur day but honestly how that game ever got on a nintendo console is still a mystery to me to this day)

I dont think it will ever happen and I dont think borderlands will ever be on a nintendo console either in any way shape or form.

To be fair, the original Metal Gear was on NES.

Hmm… true but IIRC isn’t that one of 2 games that has Snake as the main character for a Nintendo console? (Other that I’m thinking about is for the gamecube and has Psycho Mantis in it.)

I am not so sure GBX would be willing to either

Doesn’t matter, still makes him “eligible”. Ness and Lucas were only in one game a piece and they still made it. One of them wasn’t even released in the US officially.

Why not? Free advertising for them?

[quote=“ChicoSuave, post:10, topic:279987”]
Doesn’t matter, still makes him “eligible”. Ness and Lucas were only in one game a piece and they still made it. One of them wasn’t even released in the US officially.
[/quote]True, I guess most of the roster does have roots in Nintendo with Sonic being more or less the sole exception but he’s had how many games now on Nintendo things?
I dunno, maybe 3rd parties might be more unlikely than I want to admit?