Claptrap is stuck in the breach hole in sanctuary

My claptrap is still up in the breach hole in the bridge of the ship and just doesn’t leave because of this i miss a lot of dialog and probably side missions too, i’m pretty sure i’m far enough in the story for him to leave there(i’m after athenas). I wish there was a way to fix because i really don’t wanna start from the beginning.

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i have the same problem. he is stuck there ever since. i am in chapter 11 and it seems that he has to do something in the ship but he can’t because he is still stuck. i can’t progress any further.

Same hopefully they’ll fix it soon

i sent a support ticket 3 days ago and still no answer

I have the same problem ,I can’t finish up an old mission to give claptrap his stuff or get the ■■■■■ sierenge of his head or move forward with the story line where he should bring sir hammerlock on the vid screen , I joined other ppl games and still didn’t work

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This is exactly where i am. This is so aggrivating. I kinda skipped around with my friends playing so I skipped a mission or two and now i cant progress further either cause he is just chillen with his full of stars ass hanging out of my damn ship. Ive been so exicted to level this gunner, but I NEED TO GET INTO THOSE VAULTS. lol

Same here, no answer from Support:(

Figured I might as well add to this post: I ran into the same issue. I’ve been in contact with support and they say they are working on a patch with no ETA so I’m just sitting here waiting to play the rest of the game till then.