Claptrap just got 100% better

My GOD!! Someone just gave me a Redundant (double shot) Luck Cannon. And I have to say, this thing is Ridiculous on Claptrap. (Start with a Bang + Load’n-Splode + One Last Shot + Killbot) + Sapper Mod + Redundant Luck Cannon = Insane. Pair it with something like the "Naught"Shield, and let the fun begin. Really, this takes what every Explosive build Claptrap has been doing forever with Tediore weapons, and replaces it with a Weapon that can smack you in the face with the force of a Launcher and do it twice as Fast.

(Note, still trying to figure out if the Redundant Luck Cannon is legit or not, the fact the guy had some many legendary, so soon, makes me wounder, but even if not, this is still insane).

OLT isn’t as good with weapons with lower than 8 mag, but it’s a very good non two scoops SWAB supplement. Pair it with coincidental combustion and you got some pretty beast damage. Might also do even better with a Gratuitous Loose Cannon Class mod (Almost assuredly so, as OLT is literally getting minimum effect with a 1 round mag, so boosting load n’ splode to 200% and death machine while also boosting pistol damage will be a very nice combo)

As for the legitimacy, while that guy might not be totes legit, I could probably grind up a two fer luck cannon (The legitimate prefix, as redundant is for hyperion guns) within a decent enough time. It’s just a legendary after all.

Yep, the Redundant was what was Confusing me, I was not sure If I was missing something, or what, Thanks! As for OLT, With the Class Mod, it is Still DOUBLING the damage of each shot, and with the double shot, you are getting a huge amount of damage in one trigger pull.

Well you’re doing alot of damage, but I argue that you will do more with a Loose Cannon, I’m thinking something like this

I trust the dude who wrote this damage calc for OLT:
1 + ((.8 - (.08 * (8-Mag))) * Rank)
Using the Luck Cannon’s 1 Magsize, the boost from +5 to +11 jumps a 2.2 to a 3.64 which is admittedly pretty decent. although I’m assuming you’re actually doing +10 which is 3.4, still pretty good. I’ll be sure to test it out when I find it.

ooh the luck cannon has it’s own money shot mechanic built into it… this’ll be fun


Oh wait, are you talking about the bonus Explosive damage? Ya, that’s nice.

I was just reading around and I picked up that it has a random chance to have bonus damage

Due to the random nature of the gun plus all the other variables, my testing might not be 100% accurate, but by shooting the target dummy in the head dummy with this build under a pistol subroutine, only changing the Sapper and Loose Cannon Mods, I got numbers around 2.8-3.2 million with the Sapper and 3.5-4.7 million with the Loose Cannon.

Hummmm, interesting. Is that Single, or with a “Two Fer”? Either way, This is some Massive damage. Even some launchers can’t get that high. And even if you where to speck out of the FF tree and go a bit more Defensive, This is still almost Broken. I kinda wanna see how Nisha compares, though It still feels like this Gun was made for Claptrap, to me.

That’s a two fer luck cannon, I also think that the overlooked aspect of the loose cannon is the extreme synergy of +9 Drop the Hammer with +10 Load n’ Splode, especially since explosive damage boosts are calculated near the end of the damage formula (correct me if i’m wrong), obviously with the luck cannon i got 5 stacks of LnS in both tests, it’s just they do that much more with a COM boost. I mean in a field test the thing reloads almost instantly due to the +9 DtH so you pretty much always have 5 stacks. I personally think skipping the right tree is a mistake on explosive claptrap, especially since you can ignore negative penalties with Tediore reloads (which also synergize heavily with Loose Cannon), but I mean with a blue green build with a sapper mod you can still do some pretty good damage if you factor in SWAB (something like this with a Dahl/Maliwan Corrosive/Hyperion Tediore Shield)

As far as broken, I don’t have to hit a headshot or be on the right subroutine with my IVF to get 2+ million damage on impact. The thing about the luck cannon on claptrap is that it is fairly inconsistent, you need get single shot crits quick enough to keep 5 stacks up while hoping the 35% CC chance procs, etc etc, I haven’t checked how much SWAB does in level 70 UVHM at +9 because I personally hate it but if it can suplement the inconsistency of the luck cannon you might be in business.

aand the luck cannon can still not quite hold a candle against the good ol cryo ravager build. Regular 2 to 12 mil damage, and god knows how much when all things kick in and all pellets land on a frozen crit spot.

As much as I like Jakobs on Nisha, Jakobs on claptrap always feels inferior to a pure explosive build.

Well if you add cryo to the damage tests the cannon does even more. Most of the damage was explosive. Also I wasnt maximizing damage when I was doing those tests(I wasnt running death machine, not prepping targets with cryo,amongst other things I was just running equal conditions to show that loose cannon synergizes better than sapper). Also there are few enemies that you can even hit with all the ravager pellets, especially with clappy, let alone a critspot