Claptrap loading freeze/not responding for PC

There is a problem with the claptrap loading screen and I’m not the only one with the the problem. What happens is that when I start up the game from Epic Games, it loads up and shows the company names, including 2K, Gearbox, etc. and then it shows claptrap moving from left to right of the screen signifying it is loading, then he eventually stops, freezing, and while this happens, I go to task manager and it says BL3 is not responding. I have done many ‘solutions’. I have made it further, from where it shows the wording screen after the claptrap loading, but that’s the furthest I’ve been. (Also sent an email to Gearbox Software Support) Sadly, I have yet to play Borderlands 3, and have been waiting for a solid month now, watching videos, visiting the borderlands website often, completing activities from the VIP for rewards that I can’t even get to :cry:

I’ll just throw a few things out there. If you have pc. When I pick directx 12 it literally takes 3 to 4 minutes to load at the claptrap screen and sometimes programs will show not responding but then afterwards it’ll pop back to normal. I have a fast system. Direct 11 loads a lot faster. I have a 2700x with radeon 7. I’m in the process of trying it with my laptop i7 8750h and nvidia 1070 to see if it runs okay on different hardware. I’m sorry if this is obvious stuff I"m not trying to insult your intelligence I just don’t know your experience level with pc’s . You could be someone who knows more than I do about them or a noobie. Just trying to help if I can.

You just have to wait it out, Mine did the same thing after switching the video settings, if you watch in your task manager as that screen is displayed, you will see the memory usage of the game going up, my game has to take 3 or 4 minutes to load about 5.5GB into the RAM before the game will proceed. Optimization issue, but fine to run on dx12 if it works for you in game, just have to wait.

Been waiting… 20 minutes later, nothing changed.

its happening the same to me

HELP!!! I use Steam and I have tried everything there is to think of, including uninstalling and reinstalling B3… I have yet to get past Claptrap dancing across my screen. I even waited over an hour to see if the first load would finally go through… but Nope… I need suggestions as to how to finally get to play B3 on my system… my husband let me try it on his computer and I want to play it for myself…

The game by default attempts to use dx12; if your computer OS only supports dx11 this would be an issue during initialisation of the game shaders etc. (which is what is happening during the claptrap dancing sequence.)

If you’re comfortable doing this, you could try editing the relevant line in the game’s config file (use a text editor like Notepad). You would also want to delete the temporary cached data before attempting to re-launch the game:

Since this thread is more than a year old at this point and the original posts no longer relevant, I suggest following up by creating a new thread in the relevant section if the above doesn’t fix the problem: