Claptrap on Reddit

(Georgedejongveg) #1

i made a"Community"on Reddit and wander if its any fun or not,i have 2 videos so far and 1 is of hour…ehh well atleast my frend Claptrap,the idea of the thread is to only post videos with the"cause/essence"CUT from the video,so for examle say you have a video of a car accident,you CUT the accident and only have a intro of some1 driving a car and the wreckage in the end…something like that,so you leave the viewer wandering WTF HAPPEND…so if you wanne give me feedback please do,i dont mind "negative"crap/stuff,i mean if you dont like it/or think its dumb please say so,just be honoust,if you like it thats oke to :thinking:…o jeh the link crap

(ps i hope this post is alowed here/the right place for it,sorry of not)

(Is this thing on?) #2

Is the idea that videos would still be borderlands content, or anything?

(Georgedejongveg) #3

you ask if the video`s on the Reddit link al are Bordelands related?if so,NO the are not,i just had 1 video with Claptrap,so thought-good oppertunity to ask here what they think of the concept