Claptrap Question

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this or addressed it already, but how exactly is Claptrap getting to different areas of Sanctuary 3? Not one ramp anywhere on the ship, plenty of stairs tho.

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Stairs are just 8-bit ramps.


Bwaha! Rollin.

I guess thanks to his radiant charisma, he can always find someone who will agree to carry him up/down the stairs.

I don’t believe this would have been possible during the time he locked the interns in your quarters, yet still made it to the bridge. Definitely a conundrum.

I feel Claptrap may be hiding a dark and potentially disturbing secret from us…


Well he starts in the main area, then later he descends to his lair and is never found on the top of the ship again. Maybe they put his room at the bottom of the ship on purpose so they don’t have to deal with him any more and all he can do is pester Earl and assist Ellie.

Oh? Could’ve sworn he was on the bridge when we headed to Athenas - something about the generals love boat lol…

Then again at the awkward mourning of our favorite Siren. Least I think he was there for that, not entirely sure.

Also for being sent to the bottom he sure comments on a lot of the calypso productions we have to sit through on the bridge.

You’re joking right? After each main mission you can see Clap Trap on the top deck :

  • When you get back from Athenas he’s talking with Ava
  • He’s here during every echo transmition at the main deck

Actually this was mid ship by the Golden loot box I think… I pay way too much attention to him it seems

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I have the opposite problem, I never pay attention to him… obviously… lol

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#NerfTheStairsNotTheGuns lmao


I bet he uses singularity grenades on himself to move up levels…


Or punches holes in the ship to get sucked into and quietly patches it, falls down and repeats. He always does stuff the most non-logical horrible way.

I assumed he was moved everywhere on a litter or sedan chair, as part of a processional. He needs those slaves for a reason!

huge plot hole, even bigger than the ladder in BL2

As you may recall, in BL:TPS ClapTrap got a stair climbing wheel upgrade (in the process of becoming Fragtrap) so someone may have replicated that.

Of course, in BL3 Clappy’s dialog with the (ostensibly ) female Claptrap (forget the name right now) she indicates how superior ramps are to stairs, and he enthusiastically agrees, so not certain that he’s equipped with the stairclimber, but it’s possible.

Another thought would be that he could be fast traveling inside the ship. He can get to the upper level by hitting the standard FT console, and to the lower level by hitting the drop pod FT.

Even if the drop pod one worked like you said… The main FT Station is mid-level with the list loot machine - so that wouldn’t get him to the bridge

never doubt a claptraps ability to rail grind!

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