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Was there any quest which include the button in the room of claptrap?

There are a bunch of buttons that can be pressed on Sanctuary but so far no ones figured out if they do anything. I found one under the stairs outside Marcus’ shop and Balex speaks. But other than that not much else happens.

On Claptrap Friend (Veronica) there is an “Exchange” button, any idea about its purpose ?

If you head to Claptrap’s room when you first arrive in Sanctuary (and he’s still up on the bridge) you can press the button OP shows and see what it does. It plays a rather funky disco tune, with accompanying light show. I don’t know why this gets locked or how it reactivates… I thought perhaps if one gets all the Claptrap parts?


When Veronica was still there with claptrap and I hit the button, disco music played with a light show and Veronica danced.

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After you do the last claptrap button it activates again, though it seems to be temperamental as to when it does it again after that.

The swap on veronica happens after you find her a 2nd aerial, and it swaps what’s in it, though in the dark in that room it’s hard to tell the difference. More obvious after you collect all her parts

You can use that button if you stand in de dooropening. It spawns a discoball with some music.

The moment you walk into the room the button will be inaccessible.

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you can rush in and press it.

I love the tune

there’s a clap trap part you can recover and it unlocks that button (i’m fairly sure), the button drops down a disco light and some dance music.

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I made a video on this button:


This answer is accurate, correct, and consistently reproduceable. (My personal experience)
Stand outside the doorway, the button will be green, it can be pressed. Step inside the doorway and it turns red preventing it from being pushed. It seems to be able to be activated at any time once you have access to sanctuary. A disco ball appears and some music specific to this plays. If Veronica is in the room and is capable, she will dance.

That allows you to change Veronica’s antenna if you have done the claptrap questline.

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this is the song (on spotify)
Pisk Swing: Robert Edwards, Little Violet and Pisk.

or for the youtube link