Claptrap tree skill build: RANDOM EXPLOSONS

Pistol: Luck Cannon
Shotgun: Too Scoops
Laser: (Blaster)Laser Disker ,(Beam) Absolute Zero ,(Railgun)Mining Laser, ( Splitter)Refracted Splitter
Sniper Rifles: Droog
Assault Rifles: Gatling Gun
Rocket Launchers: Mongol
Grenade Mods: Meganade
Shields: Shield of Ages
Oz Kits: Tranquility
I would like to hear what you think about this and whet you think would be better for my skill tree.

A buncha things:

  1. Do you melee at all (Looks like your build is explosive so I would say no) if not WHY would you ever get Rope-A-Derp, you’re INTENTIONALLY adding a subroutine that actively makes you worse

  2. If you’re going to use Cel Fragtrap for whatever reason, not getting any points in Drop the Hammer is beyond me, it’s one of clappy’s biggest DPS boosts and not getting at least one point in it for 6/5 is stupid

  3. Repulsive is not only bad, but practically counterproductive in most cases. As clappy you want people near you, that’s how a big chunk of your damage (novas or otherwise short-range weaponry) works.

  4. 2 literally 2 points need to go into those first skills in the ILYG tree (if not you might as well be using a non-legendary com cuz you’re only boosting like 3 skills), ML might not be 100% useful for your main goal but it helps cryo so much for a single point (and if you’re not using cryo in ur explosive build there’s a new problem there). BB4L is free FFYL extension, and considering you went 10/5 in blue shell you might as well get the one point in this to extend it further and make youre damage better from getting up.

  5. Do you actually melee or are you doing all these melee buffs to boost hyperion punch? If so hyperion punch is kinda awful and you probably shouldn’t invest heavily into it.

  6. Get far enough into ILYG to get you’re…GOING TO LOVE ME! at the VERY least. Not getting Gun Wizard is SO BAD.

This seems a billion times more sane


Listen to Hoyle, he knows what he’s talking about. :dukeaffirmative:

Your skill tree left out several very effective skills. Here is one for a generic, solo Celestial Frag trap that I found to be very effective:

I don’t like being wed to any particular weapon / element. Also don’t use like gun subroutines because they are annoying, and either my health or shield sub routines are always running.

Left out SWaB because it is also very annoying. I rarely fire a gun until it is empty so I left out OLT as well. This build keeps his action skill routines down to a minimum, so you have a better chance of getting an effective one.

Anyway, take a look and tell me what you think.

The whole point is that he wanted to use subroutines, I mean you basically made his build into something completely different.

I like your melee krieg build but I reccomend using this hellborn build instead.

Update tree build 7/10/15:

All of your links are broken.

That’s not the only thing broken :stuck_out_tongue:

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