Claptrap vs Eclipse & EOS 45 seconds

100% legitimate kill

45 seconds

:bldancing: Well I’ve done it yet again. :bldancing:

And again if anyone wants me to go in depth about this kill I will.


@Hoyle4 & @ItsmeJamesAJ enjoy the kill.

I’d be glad if you did, I’m pretty new to Clappy and I’m coming up on this fight in UVHM.

now do wilhelm :laughing:
all jokes aside, your knowledge of how each character works is astounding, and this kill (the THIRD sub one minute kill, all on different characters) is proof of that.

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So proud of you, and you didn’t even have to rng clusterfk it. (Although I think you could get a marginally faster eclipse time with an explosive sr)

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Do you want me to go it depth about just an average fast kill on Claptrap that doesn’t skip EOS’ phases, or the actual in depth of this speed kill?

Thanks man and yeah I take pride I the fact I’m so proficient with all the characters at end game. It makes up for the fact I’m such a derp before max level cap. :sweat_smile:

@Hoyle4 thanks I’m glade I didn’t have to clusterfk it either (for my own sake). And this kill was nowhere near as hard as Nisha’s was, but only being able to attempt this kill on 1 in 12 spawn ins is a world I don’t want to be in. :sweat_smile:

Fairly simple kill, but nice execution. I’m guessing the mongol shot at the end was considerably easier than Athena’s (which again, is probably the single most difficult thing you can do in this game)

Thanks and on a scale of easy…

  1. Athena
  2. Claptrap
  3. Nisha (I will never go through that hell again)

Seriously? I spent 5+ hours on Athena mongol spam… the timing… I will never go through that hell again.


Maybe some advice for a fairly comfortable kill overall? Speedkills will have to come later on my part until I’ve leveled and/or am in a position to acquire more specific gear.
I started the DLC relatively soon after starting UVHM, so I guess I’ll be 57-ish at fight time. I basically have a Sapper build with decent gear.
Can’t remember now if I’m in a position to farm up a Flakker or if that mission is still locked in story mode…if so, I should unlock that farm anyway.

I have very (very) long experience in BL2, but am pretty new to TPS.

Any advice would be great :acmsmile:

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Ok I’ll start with as Clappy a Flakker is a 100% necessity for the Eclipse fight. On EOS the Mongol and Flakker preform similarly, but since you’ll already have a Flakker you’ll be fine with just that.

Before I continue do you want to do this 100% legit or would you be fine with using the Double Shot trick? I’m fine with either, but the set up with the trick is better at surviving. But Clappy loves FFYL so it doesn’t really matter so long as you know what to do once you’re in it.

And lastly do you want me to work with your build or do you want me to make you one?

I can comfortably kill eclipse & EOS every time without fail relatively quickly, and the trick is to have the Flakker with tediore grip so you get 12 rounds. If you don’t have that, try to go for a purple ravager with tediore grip so that you get 8 rounds with the skill that buffs your mag size.

For flakker, you fire off two shots, and then reload. Repeat as necessary, and getting your health low will dramatically help with DPS. The reason you don’t want to fire off the last shot in flakker is that the 2nd last shot in Flakker gets MASSIVE boost from One Last Thing and so you want to spam the 2nd last shot as much as possible for both Eclipse and EOS.

If you don’t have flakker, Ravager will work as well, although not as quickly. For ravager, you want to empty out your mag (2 shot), reload, repeat as necessary.

It’s a good idea to boost your explosive damage before firing either flakker or ravager by reloading some fast-firing weapon repeatedly, such as any tediore weapons.

Another weapon that works really well is the Mongol.

So TL:DR for destroying Eclipse & EOS as Clappy: get 11/5 in one last thing, boost your explosive damage by reloading a bunch, spam your 2nd last shot in your flakker as much as possible, get your health low, spam last shot in your mongol, and if you don’t have flakker, spam the f*** out of ravager.

Since you show your build in the vid, I can work off that, although a lvl 57-58 build would be helpful. (The Flakker I have is underleveled and I’m not sure how much I’ll level while farming a new one.)
With a limited number of points available I’m not sure where in the ‘I love You Guys’ tree to spend them for best survivability, and I assume your three points in Fuzzy Logic are integral to the strategy?

I’m cool with the double shot trick and don’t really see it as an exploit with standard weapons. I’m familiar with the pacing of the fight since I’ve done it before as Nisha, interested to note that you considered that tougher than Clappy or Athena. Sounds promising, although my kills as Nisha aren’t fast, they merely work.

I assumed that’s what that was. Clever :acmsmile: Thanks for the clarification.
I’ll have to see what I can do about weapon choices and individual parts to get the best out of OLT, it seems as if though I can get to ‘Organized Guns…’ with some points to spare and I can adjust accordingly.
Since this is only the start of UVHM I (hopefully) don’t need to min/max too much, but killing E/E quickly and consistently would be nice for farming purposes.

Like i said, any sort of ravager/flakker is the key.

So far I’ve farmed up two Flakkers, one Juicy with Bandit stock and Torgue grip, one Casual with Tediore stock and Bandit grip. Not ideal, but they should work.
They’re both one level above me, but I have a bit to go before the actual fight.

I’ve specced ‘Living Near the Edge’ for the fire rate, although if I’m going to double-shot that sort of becomes moot. I could just skip doing that, of course.
I can’t find a Mongol to save my life, although I did get a Thingy from Iwa…can’t say I like it, but, again, this is just lvl 57-ish so it should be ok.
Maybe :acmwink:

The Casual one you farmed is the silver bullet here.

I don’t know how double shot glitch works but I don’t use it.

And just the flakker should serve you fine even against EOS. The phase skipping Mongol shot was extremely hard to pull off anyways.

And if you’re too lazy to jump up to EOS, just fire off ravager from a distance.

Again, make sure you’re hitting the 2nd last shot in flakker and the bottom of the magazine in ravager then reloading.

Eclipse’s exhaust ports are universal crit spots so it means even the Flakker’s splash can crit it, but its not necessary.

The speed kill with Nisha skipping EOS’ phases was way harder than the other 2. A normal kill since I’m so familiar with Athena is about evenly easy across the 3 of them.

My Lvl 57 build -,auto


  • Flakker w/ a mag of 12 or less. (Casual w/ Torgue grip but its not needed, specially at non max level)
  • Something to stack LnS
  • Something to take care of the mobbs or just run away.
  • Reogenator, but any good Adaptive shield works.
  • +6 OLT Audacious Sapper com. With +5 Death Machine preferably.
  • Tranquility Oz kit or Strafing run Oz kit.
  • Grenade doesn’t matter.


  • SWAB is gonna get you killed, which isn’t a bad thing but I don’t like it.
  • Any more points in OGaH will make a lot of Flakkers 13 shots which is very bad.
  • And I assume you know how to double shot.

A video I made for dayz a bit ago, so watching is always better than reading.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

You can tailor your weapon farms so 5/5 OGAH will perfectly influence your guns (iirc mag sizes round down), for example running tediore gripped flakkers (floor(10 x1.25) = 12, similar things work for 7 round ravagers/mongols). It’s not a flat out DPS max choice, but it’s more of an “all-around value” choice. I do something like that for my general builds to maximize tediore damage while still hitting OLT sweetspots (also gives me some co-op value)

Also I probably use different nomenclature but what do you mean by “double shot”

Yeah that works too. I just like the Torgue grip better. And my Laser Disker already does enough damage for what I use it for.

I mean you can look it up on YouTube because Joltz has a video. But double shoting is when you fire a weapon and continue to hold down the fire button, then press and hold the reload button, and then switch to another weapon. Causing your weapon to shoot twice regardless of it’s fire rate.

I call it that because everyone calls it that, unless you meant something else by that statement.