Claptrapp appears to be gone from google play store

(Rhesus1) #1

I am not sure if this is the right forum, but I recently got a used Gentleman’s Claptrap in a box RC robot. It clearly says there is a claptrapp app for both IOS and Android. I have an android phone, so no problem. However, the Claptrapp app is no longer available in the google play store. Is there a work around, so that I can use the product I bought?

(Is this thing on?) #2

Got you moved to what seems to be the most likely spot. Also pinging community managger @MereAtGBX to see if she knows who to ask about this.

(Not a Lizard Person ) #3

Hey all, I’ll investigate this!

(Rhesus1) #4

Awesome. Thank you. If all else fails I can use my wife’s Iphone, because it is available still in the Apple store, but really want to use my own android phone if possible.

(Not a Lizard Person ) #5

Hey @Rhesus1 , just a quick update. This is actively being looked into by the appropriate parties. I’ll let you know what they get back to me with ASAP.

(Rhesus1) #6

Thank you for the update!

(Geotherma) #7

Same issue here, seems to be the only mention of this issue I can find online as well. I checked on Google Play and still seems to be missing. Hopefully there is a fix soon, there is no other way to control this robot.

(Darth Symmetra) #8

So any updates yet because I still can’t find the app myself on the google store?

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@GeekVersusNerd: Any chance you could check in with Mere on the availability of the Claptrap App? I know she was looking into it, but that was right around the “We Happy Few” launch, so I imagine she was rather busy…

(GeekVersusNerd) #11

My apologies for the delay in responding to this. Sadly this app no longer functions on your device, since Google Android P OS now blocks apps built for Android 4.1 and lower.