ClaptrApp doesn't exist on Google Playstore

I got the Collector’s Edition of it and followed the instructions to Google Playstore to download the App to control Claptrap but it isn’t there. I checked on my computer and it shows up on Google when you search it but when I click on the link, it says that it doesn’t exist.

Any news on when this will be fixed?

Looking in to this now, for personal assistance with your Claptrap Robot or the ClaptrApp visit: and contact the email address listed there if the troubleshooting steps don’t help.

in reality for the price we paid for the damb thing we shouldn’t have had to use our mobile phone as a remote for it anyways, it should have came with a remote control!

I’m okay with using my phone since that’s not a bad idea. I just wish the App existed… :C

Downloading that .apk file, and installing it using appinstaller worked perfectly