ClaptrApp release?

Does anybody know when the claptrApp app that will be used to control the remote control claptrap will be released on to the app store?

Can’t give any date specifics just yet, but I can safely say “very soon”.

I thought this was a terrible typo asking when the DLC would be released, but thats actually an awesome name for the app.

Also back in my day we had ugly remotes to control our RC stuff, they took 12 AAA batteries and lasted 6 minutes.

Likely already beating a yet unborn horse but I suppose there won’t be a Windows Phone / Windows 10 app?

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Okay, thanks joekgbx! Do you know if the app will be available in Canada?

Muskatnuss, they said there would be an android app as well so you should be good.

I don’t use iOS nor Android so I don’t know how I should be good.

Oh sorry about that, I thought windows 8 phones had access to the android store for some reason

So is this the official app? Can’t wait, supposed to receive him tomorrow!

And it’s gone.

Got my Claptrap in a box but with this app, there was no video. Hope they fix that.

Odd – anyone having issues with the Claptrap Robot or the ClaptrApp should visit: and contact the email address listed there if the troubleshooting steps don’t help.

what good is telling people to goto “Claptrap in a Box Edition Physical Items Support” when its the non exsistence of the app on google play that people are having problems with?
since you need the app before the support is even needed

There was a problem with the app, that’s probably why it got removed. I still have it and it doesn’t report the battery life correctly and video from the camera doesn’t work.

The email address bounces back as unreachable, and someone from GBX please verify the address?


@jemearls – looks like we had a slight typo – correcting right away.


Also – due to an unexpected last-minute glitch, the ClaptrApp was recently pulled from the Google Play store. We’re working to get it back up right away, but in the meantime you can download the manually by visiting this link on your mobile phone:

Thanks! That works much better now.