Claptrap's Action Packages

I’ve heard some say that they’re random. I don’t think they are, but I have no proof or even anecdotal evidence. Have any of you tested this, by, for example, using it over and over with and without ammo? I feel like that and health are the easiest to manipulate.

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They are not totally random, but the mechanics behind them are not that easy to control.
Look at the screen when you activate VH.Exe. You will notice things like “Badass Present”, “Shields depleted”, “Enemy shot” a.s.o lighten up.

Upon activation, Clappys VH.Exe analyses the situation (from a few seconds ago to now), categorises them into a result that leads to one or more Action Packages that could go off. If more than one would fit, the outcome is randomly chosen.
Now, one example:
Conditions that count towards “Pirate Ship Mode” are “Badass Present” and “Shot by enemy” if I remember it correctly. “Torgue-Fiesta” shares the same conditions, what is one of the reasons, most ppl choose not to spec into both of them, so the stronger “Pirate Ship Mode” procs more often.

Additionally to the analysis, there seems to be a percentage of VH.Exe’s activations where the Action Packages REALLY get chosen randomly. But that’s not that big of a deal.

Claptrap shines the most when you adapt to his weird outcomes and playstyle. So you have to get used to some of the not so fortunate Package-picks.


Okay, someone had speculated that it was actually completely random and the conditions were a placebo effecr, but your specificity gives me confidence that it’s not

To that one I would advise doing some boss-runs. When fighting a Boss, three Packages go off way more often than usual: the Gunzerking, Pirate-Ship-Mode and Torgue-Fiesta. In ammo-expensive fights like the final bosses of the Claptrap-dlc, I get the Bullet-Wizard on a regular basis and when I was low on health with my shields depleted, the Deception-Package saved my ass a lot.

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