Claptraps bugged missions please help

I’m trying to do all side quests and I have but 3 left. The Kevin Konundrum and Dance Baby. However Claptrap seems to be bugged and will not give me these quests (they show on the map with the ! On sanctuary in the echo menu but nothing on the mini map and claptrap has no !)

Could anyone who has these quests on normal mode please invite me to their game so I can get the achievement for all side quests please?

My PSN is dave_jitsu

Alternatively if anyone knows a fix for this that would be great

Are you sure you didn’t complete them already earlier? I can also see those exclamation marks on the map but only when I am not in Sanctuary.

IME the parallel set of quests to get parts for a companion Claptrap complicate things when interacting with Clappy on Sanctuary. Have you tried simply talking to him repeatedly?

For Dance baby dance, try meeting claptrap in devils razors.