Claptrap's Claptastic Voyage DLC Campaign/Ultimate Vaulthunter Upgrade Pack 2 on March 24th!

One thing first, HOLY CLAP

The trailer looks amazing, and it takes place just right after Pre-Sequel

Here is a trailer I found

Also, surprisingly, AN EXTRA 10 LEVELS WITH IT!!! Making the cap up to level 70!!! It looks pretty interesting, hopefully raidbosses.

Gearbox mentioned all Pre-Sequel DLC will be released before October 24th of this year, so this is kind of odd, having all 4 DLCs so soon, possible extra extra dlc?


I doubt there will be extra DLC more like Gearbox cleaning their plate to free up resources for other projects

A bit more information in this video:


this is exciting!

And I thought the inside of my head was bad xD Threshers with big speakers on the sides of their heads waaat!

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Already loving the Fantastic Voyage reference - will have to re-watch that movie before March 24th.

Im really liking the sound of the mutator arena thats included.

Glitched up Weapons!?!? That sounds pretty damn cool.

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Meanwhile at Telltale

“Wanna release Episode 2 for Tales of the Borderlands?”

“Nah, let’s work on Minecraft Storymode instead.”

The story really looks nice and interesting. But the extra 10 levels was TOTALLY unnecessary… :pensive:

Getting all 3 capstones makes all notions of builds moot…
…and it makes all the gear I have now obsolete…
I really wish they didn’t touch that one.

Also…Wilhelm’s holding a Flakker :stuck_out_tongue:

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I noticed that too! Flakker is such a star!

Not really, I mean first of all, the first Borderlands game had the ability for you to max out the last skill in each tree. Also you’d have to be a bit tight on spending your points in order for you to get all 3 capstones. I mean if you want an explosive claptrap build, you are better off putting more points into boomtrap than investing in all the other trees equally. This is mostly for players who want to balance out there skills I suppose. Also I am pretty sure Nisha was holding a Longnail if I am not mistaken.

Right, of course you still have options…but you actually have less now than you used to.

You can actually get ALL skills now…

Also, Nisha is holding a sniper that has a Hyperion barrel, so it’s either an Invader, or a non-legendary sniper.

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Yeah they said something about an SMG that shots like a shotgun. Looking forward to that as well.

Yeah, but if you really wanted every single skill, there would be a lot of messing around, such as having very inconsistent point spending, I was messing around on the skill calculator and ended up having skills that have 1/5. It is more effective to just max out or put more points than laying thin like that, so in the end I feel it just adds another option to those who really want all capstones. Also saying there are “less” options is a two sided way, you have less skills that have points not in them, but you also have more skills with points in them.


A sniper rifle that shoots rockets? That would be pretty cool, or how about an assault rifles that shoots tediore reloads? The lunacy could be pretty high with this dlc.


A gun that shoots a gun that shoots a gun?! throws money at screen


Oops, made a mistake, you don’t actually have less choice (it’s damn close) …but from there on, more points would mean less choices.

What I mean is that, mathematically, there are less possible choices when there are more skill points than half the places to put them. Nisha for example, would need 131 skill points to have everything maxed out. If you had 131 points, you would have exactly 0 choices available, just like if you had 0 skill points.

Once you get past the halfway point (at 66 skill points in this case) every extra point you get actually reduce build diversity. since we’re gonna get 67 points out of that upgrade, we’ll have more choices than right now… but to me it’s already starting to feel like less choices, because some skills are NEVER worth putting points into to begin with, so the choices kinda make themselves… i’m already working on a Nisha build that does everything, every time, for any gear (except Jakobs)… not a cool prospect IMO.

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Better, An rpg that shoots a rocket, that turns into smaller rockets, and each smaller rocket shoots a gun, and that gun shoots a bullet as well, then those bullets turn into grenades AND EVERYTHING EXPLODES. That is how you make a TORGUE gun.


That would make everyone’s PC cry because… REASONS!

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