Claptraps Voyage problems?

Hello fellow vaulters, hunters and vault hunters.
I have a problem with the new dlc, well, actually i cant find it. I have scavenged the forums and found that many others have issues too. But i’m on ps3, I downloaded the new update (system) but cannot find the fast travel, the download, or anything else. I bought the season pass but have no idea where the content is or how to get it.
If anybody can help me out, thanks.

store from elpis main menu(char select screen) or try the playstation store.

I can’t seem to find it at all either! Looked in the store from the main menu and on psn. Help!

Its on psn where Im at downloading now.

Ok correction, I downloaded it and thought it installed went into one of my games of a character I just got to uvhm although I been told you can play it on any level, no xp increase and nothing on the fast travel network. Going to download it again…