Clarification of what damage means in the gear descriptions

When a piece of gear says “when taking damage”, what type or types of damage does that refer to? Does hitting Boldur’s shield constitute taking damage? Isic’s wards? Or does it mean health damage only? Similarly, when a piece of gear says “increases damage”, does that include skill damage, or just basic attacks? What about quick melee?

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Usually it specifies a which type of damage you have to take. But if it doesn’t then to my understanding it means any health, shield, or overshield damage taken.

Galilea’s, Boldur’s, and ISIC’s physical shields may count, but not for any gear type I can recall. For fun though you can test the “any damage taken type” by putting a Beatrix “Patient Zero” on them with the helix “(L1) Vector-born Transmission”, and then just have someone damage them. If the person damaging them gets wounded by Beatrix’s “Infection”, then it works.

I’m 95% sure ISIC’s wards taking damage don’t count as him taking damage.

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^ So only if you take damage to your blue bar ~300 capacity shield, and maybe overshield damage too. But not physical shield damage or health damage.

Again, usually it specifies the damage type, like “attack damage” or “skill damage”. If it doesn’t, then it means “all damage”, but only legendaries do that to my knowledge.

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^ So it only boost your 3 skills more or less (it’s very complicated). But doesn’t boost your weapon damage.

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Thank you, that is more or less what I figured. I was trying to figure out how to work the Pacifier and Codex Fragment into some loadouts, and I wanted to know if their effects would be proc’d by shield damage.

The Pacifier procs on all damage you deal; be it primary, secondary, quick melee, passive, gear, or skills.

The Codex Fragment looks like it works on any damage taken, but you’d have to test to see if physical shields are included. Which is pretty easy, just stand in front of a minion wave as Boldur and then throw your axe to see if the damage went up.

But fyi the last time someone tested the CF, they said the stack decay relatively fast. So it’s probably not worth having it in a loadout.