Clarification on character legendaries

Anyone know when or if gearbox will be raising character legendaries to max stats? Also what about the ones we already have?

Do you mean something like this?

No I’m wondering when they’ll adjust the character legendaries to max stats

Max stats? I’m confused on what you mean. Something like improving attack damage by 100%?

EDIT: OH! You mean make it so all legendary’s are uniform!

They mentioned it in the talk about upcoming patches. It will be in the next few weeks.

@Jordangold527 Jedi is talking about how character legendaries have random stats, which is a bug.


Correct. Some people will have weaker stats than others atm. Really sucks Cuz you only get one chance at the unique item

So what will happen with the ones we’ve already obtained?

That’s what I’m trying to ask

I also want to know this, I’m assuming it’ll be some universal thing that alters it whether you have it already or not. Otherwise there will be a lot of disappointment for those of us who have put effort into it.

Agreed. Got Caldarius’s legendary and mine is VERY low end of the stats.

I hope they just fix it for everyone cause I want to get real benefits for what I worked for

Is there somewhere to see the min/max possible stats? Or won’t it really matter if they’re going to universally make them all the same? Or is that just speculation?