Clarification on DLC Story Operations

From the DLC Plan Update 1
The first DLC Story Operation features Attikus and his twisted recount of the thrall rebellion he led to overthrow his Jennerit oppressors. Each DLC Story Operation is a highly-replayable scenario featuring one of Battleborn’s heroes.

I’m assuming (knowing the risk) that the story operations can be played like the main story missions meaning either solo or with up to a full team of 5. I’m also assuming (same risk) that these story operations can be played with any of the heroes and not just the featured one of that story operation. If this is the case and in Operation 1’s case where Attikus is simply featured (not unlike Boulder in The Experiment) then I’m all good. It can’t possibly mean that these operations can only be played with the featured hero of that story. If that IS the case, there’s still time and fix that now :slight_smile:

Also, my last assumption (for today anyway) is that these story operations won’t need to be ‘unlocked’ (other than by purchase / season pass / digital deluxe) and I don’t need to hold onto credits or hero keys for them. I have the digital deluxe version so I’ve been playing it that I’m good to go using keys to unlock the new heroes and spend my credits on loot packs and the like.


Why would they make it hero specific when zero of the other story missions are. I don’t follow the logic. It’ll be just like every other story mission and just tell part of the lore.

The battleborn helped with the thrall rebellion so yes you’ll be able to play as everyone

We can guess more stuffs too. Each faction will have its own Story Ops. Reyna should be center in the Rogue story (source from the play with dev event). Maybe you won’t be able to choose the difficulty, as it simply gets harder and harder after each playthrough (there could be a limit). As the blog says, you unlock skins and taunts through playing the operations (maybe challenges, but it’s a guess).

I’ll go as far as guessing the UI will be updated too to either see the stats of the operations or the selection screen will be apart the main story missions. However Gearbox see fit