Clarifying Roles in Team Lobby: Implement a Declaration Mechanic

There needs to be a functional mechanic that allows people to communicate how they plan on playing within a team. For example, if you see a support character que up you have no idea if they actually plan on playing support or being more CC offensive based. Alani is a prime example. Will she worry about self heals and damage or is she wanting to play a support role? Currently it’s all guesswork as a teammate.

I propose a quality of life mechanic implemented that allows for people to declare team roles or positions in the lobby to help teammates in rounding out picks. SMITE has a system like this and it really helps to ensure more balanced teaming.

Something to consider Gearbox.


As long as there aren’t limits to it, like one support per team, two tanks per team, etc.

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Nah no limits like that. Just roles to “call” to let your teammates know how you play. Do you Guardian with Galilea or do you Warrior? Do you Carry with Marquis or do you Snipe? It really has no bearing on actual gameplay other than informing your teammates how you want to play.

Of course, another solution would be people, while waiting for another team to form against you, would be to just communicate. I hate when players don’t talk all game. But if they just say "hey guys I’m playing "

Not everyone wants to talk though… I know I don’t mic up unless I’m really in the mood or if it’s people I know already. What I’m proposing is communicating. It’s like sending a text instead of making a phone call. Cuts right to the chase.

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I keep forgetting people on consoles can’t type xD. I type a lot in my games and try to make it clear who I want to play beforehand.


I would like this just so I don’t have to wait until everyone chooses because I don’t want choose a late blooming character at the same time as another person chooses a similar role. It’s happened before and makes me feel bad haha.

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So you want to know if the person is actually going to play the role of the character they picked? Should be pretty obvious. If you pick a support you are supporting. If you dont plan on supporting then dont pick a support.

If you pick a support and dont support your team, your not filling a different role, your just bad, and dont understand the how the game works.

i play support as a lot of characters that wouldnt be considered support (support is more than heals).

when i play toby and the team says i can wave clear, i remind them, no, i dont play toby that way, and im not good enough with his kit in terms of wave clearing, so they cant rely on me for that. i usually discuss who im thinking of playing before i actually pick though so if someone else wants toby to wave clear, someone else can do it :slight_smile:

battleborn characters arent locked into certain roles, and assuming that they are oversimplifies the matter.

i hate that you cant type on console! its the worst! it takes so long to message people, and then its one by one, not as a team (unless youre in a party). mics are a must have on console for communication. :slight_smile:

i wouldnt mind if they eventually added something like this in the titles section for now, and later on made it something else visible, like the color of your nametag.

Something that might be helpful would be something like Overwatch’s team suggestion cues - the this team doesn’t have x sorts of heroes thing.

Lots of weird combos are certainly possible, but a checklisty, friendly indicator that certain general roles - territorial control, ranged damage, support - aren’t currently filled could be quite helpful for someone trying to make up their mind as slots fill up.


^Ah, this I’d definitely like to see, indeed.

Don’t…just don’t dude. :slight_smile: I fought this fight. It’s astonishing how many people think Supports are DPS machines first, zoners second, nulls third and the MAYBE, when they can be assed, healers fourth. it’s particluarly hilarious when a Miko tries to do it.

Really? I pretty much never see it. Maybe now since they got rid of ELO based matchmaking and you start playing with all the bads, but anyone who is decent knows the role of the character they are playing.

If you pick a support and dont support your team, your not filling a different role, your just bad, and dont understand the how the game works.

:slight_smile: just look up the thread The False Idols: Healers that aren’t Healing :slight_smile:

+1 to the talking idea. I likes! And @Saboteur-6, there is no risk of halitosis on the Internet so don’t be afraid to “mic up”. I’m sure u have an AWESOME voice! :wink:

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Or, you know, just type, or gesture wildly, any communication is better than none.

Smites in game Chat is amazing too. Perfect when playing with randoms who don’t have a Mike or are in party chat.

Actually support can be anything from tank to healer to cc to pretty much anything in terms of not just killing or obj only. Anything that helps a team or other player is supper if it’s their focus.