CLARITY? Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot skill point award

It’s 2020, and I’m still finding misinformation online—posted within the past year!

Maybe things changed with the GotY release, and I’ve not played this far in many years, but my recollection tells there are SHORT and LONG challenges, and only the SHORT challenge offers meaningful reward in the form of an additional skill point. I remember there is nothing to be gained from doing the LONG challenge, beyond an “achievement” of some kind—that it is so long and difficult as to be a waste of time.

People are still posting that you can get a skill point for the LONG challenge, ans that you can get four skill points altogether; two in PT 1 and two in PT2. I think those posts are trolling—but maybe something changed with GotY.


Very confused by the wiki as well: It’s “mechanics” section is vague to the point of near worthlessness, not mentioning how to start the actual missions, how many rounds and waves there are, or the reward, either. Why is the wiki so vague?

As always, thanks for your time and assistance!

I don’t know if this changed in the Goty Enhanced and if you really can get another for doing the big challenge but iirc you get one for completing the Prove yourself mission (complete all 3 arena’s small version) and finishing New Claptrap Robolution, this indeed works for playthrough 1 and 2 for a max. of 4 additional skillpoints, maybe that is what people are referring to?

Edit: The small versions are 5x5 rounds and the big versions are 20x5 rounds per arena :roll_eyes:


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IIRC this is indeed the way it works in the Remaster - complete the “Prove Yourseff” by doing the three short arenas (5 waves each).

Too many cooks, basically. Bits of it are really good, but other areas not so much. The lore section on the history of Pandora has some glaring errors, for example.

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Thanks for that link! I didn’t drill down far enough to find that information in the wiki.

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