Class Act here among these gamers on BL3

I have to say this out loud mates.
Not new to BL games, been around since BL1. Usually played with close friends or solo most times as having family commitments makes it hard to plan playtime.
But i am glad i joined this group and have met some great players here already.
Most here are quick to offer advice, share play styles and trade.
I have given many items away not expecting much in return as well as done some trading.
I pay it love how most people here pay it forward. I do the same, if someone gifts me an item because i didn’t happen to have what they wanted, i pay it forward. I see so many people here doing that. It is a good community.

I have helped power level people i barely knew and been gifted weapons, it is pretty kool atmosphere.
So i guess what i am saying is keep doing what you do mates.

BTW - Off subject -
Over the weekend when i went to matchmaking, the blue circle would just sit there turning forever never going anywhere. Has this happened to others, i know it isnt’ my connection. Do the servers fill up and cause these issues? Wanted to run Takedown and couldn’t because the blue circle happen all weekend.


Great post.

And, yes, that’s happened to me to. I completely reload (not just quit/restart) the game and that usually fixes it.

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It is not the best system and a lot of people have issues,…

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Great advice. I do not think i tried a reboot, got out of game and went back, that didn’t work.

Thank you Mate

Matchmaking for the takedown is still dreadful, then when you get a team on m4 it’s pretty clear half the time they should have stayed on m3. Granted you do get a good team eventually only for the game to crash.

Even before the scaling I found it was easier to find a friend who’s build will complement yours and run through it in like 10 minutes with ease. After the scaling is done I may just try to find a gammaburst or phasegrasp to run it with since my friend I ran it with is less than amused with the drop rates.

I have just been running it on MH1 and 2 solo since i couldn’t get into matchmaking

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I hear of people still soloing on m3 and lower even though the Takedown is scaled, though it’s not exactly 1/4 as hard does it still feel harder than what solo content feels like?

I could do it on MH3, but it takes me twice as long. Getting to Woton isn’t the issue, it is Woton himself. I have found the loot is the same, no better, so for time saving i was running it on MH2 last night

Yea I’ve been staying away from the takedown because the drop rates are too bum for even me, I ran it 20 times one day and got 0 dedicated drops only an antifreeze mod, playing as Fl4k.

Have to agree, i ran it 4 times two weeks ago with a good group on MH4, and nothing great dropped. I have just as good a chance on MH1 as i do on MH4 it seems, and can do it in half the time

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Couldn’t agree with you more on the community. Outstanding people here willing to step forward. Was actually thinking the same thing recently. Haven’t done matchmaking yet but hear from fellow coworkers and forums it needs some tweaking.


*to be reworked.

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