Class and action skill ideas for Borderlands 3

So i got this idea for assassin class of BL3.

-Name: Sir. Hammerlock.
-Class: Scholar.
-Action skill: Hunters aim: You go into a 7 seconds lasting bullet time mode and you gain increased accuracy, sniper damage etc. You could upgrade action skill to make Sir. Hammerlock use powerful tranquilizer darts that make targets fall asleep or slag them.
-Melee attack: Hunters knife.
-Skill trees tiers: Big game hunter: focused on sniping, Gentleman: focused on co-op gaming and Professor: focused on upgrading action skill, health and shields.
-Favored weapons: Sniper rifles and Jakobs guns.

If you guys like it i can write a more specific introduction to this class. I have other class ideas.
So… what do you think?