Class Anointments should be part of the Skill Trees

In past entries of the franchise most of the BL3 Vault Hunter specific anointments would have been a part of their skill trees or a class mod (be it purple or legendary). So why should a lot of that versatility and power be moved to a generic part for weapons every class can use but not benefit from it? It has been highlighted plenty of times that the damage given by anointments is way higher than what most skill trees give with heavy investment. So why not make that power part of the skill trees? Then there’s the anointments that aren’t used as much simply because they don’t buff damage and said interactions go unused for more “desireable” bonuses. Furthermore, there’s also anointments that are already part of the trees in a certain way. Also, having them in the skill trees would give them an icon to know how much time they will last. In the following thread I’m going to try to suggest how all of the class anoints could be moved to the skill trees of each Vault Hunter. I’m not covering the newest anointments. Those should just be two: Action Skill Damage and Hard Point Damage. We already had a better ASA Weapon damage anoint too. Terror Anointments will not be covered either, since, you know, they rely on terror.

1. Siren Anointments

  • After using Phasecast/Phaseslam - 250/300% increased weapon damage.
    Amara’s trees lack significant buffs to weapon damage. Amara is also the class that has the anointments that give the highest boost in weapon damage (or anything for that matter). These should be moved into the the skills that give gun damage. Samsara should give 50-100% at max stacks. Jab Cross should be 30-50% at 5 points. Wrath should give 45% Gun damage so it doubles to 90% after using any action skill (Could also turn it into a Rush skill so it could be boosted further and make the tree more focused on Rush stacks). Dread should be 30%.

  • After using Phasecast - 50% increased status effect chance.
    This one should probably be part of either the Nimbus or Elementalist Class Mod along with 50% Status Effect Damage. Not much, but an improvement.

  • After using Phaseslam - 200% increased melee damage.
    All this Melee damage should be part of Green Tree (You know, the og melee tree?). Could be either separated between Find your Center and Blitz, or add it to other skills like Root to Rise, Samsara, Vigor and/or One With Nature.

  • On action skill end - 40% bonus radiation damage.
    I don’t… this anoint… Why? Why is it still a thing? Is so laughably weak, redundant and useless since release. Idk if Amara should have it as (another) bonus element. Maybe as part of Elementalist or Nimbus or maybe add it to Golden Rule or Dragon and make it dependant on Rush stacks.

  • While Phasegrasp is active - 71% decreased weapon charge time and 12% increased fire rate.
    This sounds like something Maya would have had in one of her trees. Either buff From Rest (Which literally buffs the same things) or add it to something like Deep Well.

  • While Phasegrasp is active - Amara constantly triggers novas.
    Add this interesting, yet underused, anointment to Catharsis.

2. Operative Anointments

  • After swapping places with Digi-Clone - 130% increased weapon damage.
    This one is technically already part of Zane’s Red Tree as Double Barrel. Just make Double Barrel 50% Gun Damage. Clone is already OP so why not buff Zane a bit anyway?

  • After swapping places with Digi-Clone - Your weapon is reloaded.
    This one could be added to any augment for Clone honestly (Maybe not Doppelbanger). Probably with a small cooldown.

  • While Digi-Clone is active - Regenerate 12% of magazine ammo per second.
    Add the Ammo Regen to Pocket Full of Grenades. Making one of Zane’s worse skills into arguably one of the best. Should probably at that point make it a one point skill so Zane can’t have more ammo regen than Moze (The again, idk if GBX cares for Class identity these days). This way Shockerator could be more desirable by buffing the Ammo Regen further.

  • While Barrier is active - 60% increased accuracy and 70% increased critical hit damage.
    Add Crit Damage to Nerves of Steel. Everyone suggests this. But NoS should be changed to be while shield is active rather than full. That way a small DoT won’t reset the stacks before they are actually useful.

  • While Barrier is active - Status effect chance is increased by 50%.
    Eh? Idk add it to one of the augments. I don’t use barrier and not like anybody uses the augments other than Dome.

  • When Barrier is activated - Instantly start recharging your shields.
    See previous point.

  • While SNTNL is active - 9% increased fire rate and 23% increased reload speed.
    If not outright removed, add the reload speed to the Bad Dose augment.

  • While SNTNL is active - 15% increased movement speed.
    Does Zane really need more movement speed (Who am I kidding, he IS speed). I would just buff the values of Bad Dose at that point.

  • *While Digi-Clone is active - Regenerate 3% max health per second.
    Add this to Boom. Enhance. And for every grenade consumed the HP Regen is boosted further, for a max of 9% (Maybe further if they give a Class Mod the ability to boost it. I say Shockerator).

  • While SNTNL is active - 100% of dealt damage is added as cryo damage.
    Saved this one for last here. And this might sound crazy, but I think the bonus Cryo should NOT be in Blue tree. That tree is all about kill skills and almost nothing about Cryo other than an augment and a skill. It should either be a buffed Trick of the Light that works while an Action Skill is active rather than based on aggro or (preferably) part of Green Tree as part of Best Served Cold as a bonus damage based of stacks like a lot of elemental boosting skills in the past of the franchise (Athena, Aurelia and Krieg come to mind). This would also allow for this damage to be bufffed further via a Class Mod.

3. Beastmaster Anointments

  • After using Attack Command - Gain 30% life steal
    I am of the mind that FL4K shouldn’t have Life Steal. That being said, their HP Regen Skills are so bad outside of Rage and Recover. Also, why does Blue tree, his tree based around “symbiosis” with their pet, not have a single Attack Command Skill? I would suggest adding a hefty HP Regen to Pack Tactics upon using AC. Again, this could be boosted by the many Class Mods that have it.

  • After using Attack Command - 8% increased movement speed.
    Arguably the worst anointment in the game. Add it to either Psycho Head on a Stick or Lick the Wounds and buff the value to 20% or more.

  • On Fade Away end - Trigger non-elemental nova.
    Add it to any of the Fade Away Augments except for GitM. Probably to Until You Are Dead. As for the elemental part, it could be randomized to any element or something.

  • While Fade Away is active - Greatly increased accuracy and handling.
    A commonly mocked anointment. Should probably just be removed outright. If it must be part of FL4K’s kit, then add it to Until You Are Dead as Well.

  • Grants an extra charge of Rakk Attack.
    Not the worst anointment, but certainly the biggest joke no doubt. It is already both an augment and an entire Class Mod. So remove it without question and…

  • After using Rakk Attack - 50% increased critical hit damage.
    …add an extra charge to Rakk Commander and add this Crit Damage to it as well as bonus Crit Damage for the Pet. Now if only they would add Throatripper to this Class Mod. If not, just add the Crit Damage to an Augment, like maybe the Cryo Rakks.

  • Enemies damaged by Rakk Attack take 100% increased damage.
    This should have always be an augment for FL4K or maybe part of a Class Mod. Its basically slag (called in-code and by the community as RakkSlag) but it could also be compared to Zer0’s Death Mark + Kunai. I considered suggesting this for Rakk Commander as well, but it would be better as one of the augments. Any of them would work except for the Cryo Rakks.

  • While Gamma Burst is active - 115% increased radiation damage.
    This has to be in Blue Tree without question. Could go into Hive Mind, Barbaric Yawp, Mutated Defenses or Shared Spirit. I lean more towards BY, seeing how Hive Mind is only boosted by one common Class Mod and the last two are not boosted by any Class Mod.

4. Gunner Anointments

  • When entering and exiting Iron Bear Create a nova that deals damage.
    Add this to either Security Bear or Full Can of Whoop-Ass.

  • While Auto Bear is active - 130% bonus incendiary damage.
    Add it to Auto Bear itself and make it so Rocketeer can give one point of Auto Bear (probably over Cloud of Lead). Could also make it so that Auto Bear gives a portion of said bonus damage while Iron Cub is active, like how they gave Security Bear and Dakka Bear bonuses for IC.

  • While Auto Bear is active, constantly regenerate 8% of magazine size per second
    Again, add it to Auto Bear itself and make it so it works while Iron Cub is active as well.

  • After exiting Iron Bear - 160% increased splash damage for 18 seconds.
    What is the point of this anointment? And no don’t go telling me that those 6 seconds over the generic anoint make up for less damage. They are not. Moze isn’t meant to trigger anoints. That being said: add it to Explosive Punctuation. Maybe not that much %, but a decent amount so its worth taking. This would also give it an icon to know when its active.

  • After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 10% increased fire rate and 20% critical damage
    This is a thing? Just add the bonuses to Experimental Munitions or buff Scorching RPM’s.

  • After exiting Iron Bear - The next three magazines have 33% increased reload speed and 67% increased handling.
    Add these bonuses to Selfless Vengeance.

  • After exiting Iron Bear - The next two magazines have 125% bonus incendiary damage.
    Moze has enough bonus incendiary damage (intended or not in some cases). Remove this and buff the existing incendiary skills.

  • After exiting Iron Bear - Kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown rate by 30%.
    I guess you could buff both Grizzled and Explosive Punctuation to compensate.

  • After exiting Iron Bear - 75% increased shield and health for 25 seconds.
    Either add this to Behind The Iron Curtain, Force Feedback or Tenacious Defense.

  • While Iron Bear is active, taking damage has 20% chance to spawn a grenade
    Easy. Add it to “Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades?”

Jeez this was long. Anyways thanks for reading if anyone actually did.

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Yeah, that was really long, and I hear ya. IMO the main thing holding everything back is the complete inability to customize gear. Make eridium useful, and charge for rerolling the anointment or parts. A little would go a long way to counteract the RNG bloat without removing niche possibilities.

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Yep. The RNG is already frustrating beyond tolerance levels. And the fact that I consistently get anointments for characters I DONT EVEN PLAY !!!


no anoitments shall be part of this game/ closed

One thing I for sure agree on is that the 20% IB grenade spawn annointment absolutely should be in Moze’s skill tree. Your idea of adding on to WCICATG? seems perfect, but TBH Demolition Woman is already heavily used in every different build. It would’ve made perfect sense as part of, I don’t know, the new 4th skill tree?

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Oh certainly. I’m aware of Moze’s Blue Tree dominance in the meta, but to be fair that is mostly due to the absurdity that is Skag Den and Short Fuse’s Mayhem Scaling. If all that overkill of incendiary damage were to be evenly distributed among all trees (as it probably should be), then it wouldn’t be a problem buffing Demolition Woman. As for putting it in Purple Tree, I have two issues with that: First: the anointment is vanilla and purple tree is DLC, so that would be turning it into “paid content”. Second: I don’t believe it fits with the theme of the tree or any of its skills.

Well, it is the dedicated Bear/Cub focused tree, and I can easily see it being T1 even. As for paid content? Well, yeah… it would be new either way, so “not having to pay for it” isn’t exactly a valid detraction from something we don’t have in the base skill tree already. I’m just saying nobody would’ve blinked twice if it had been with the 4th tree from the (re)start.

I would’ve liked it to be part of a tree too; best reason i would keep ot out of purple tree, is when cub gets damaged - the grenades drop like eggs from moze (absolutely ruins an approach with cover)