Class M0ds for Zer0

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Inspired by Chuck80’s guide to Salvador’s Class mods, this guide explores every one of Zer0’s Class Optimization Modules (or COMs for short) in the game, as a supplement to the T0p Gear guide.
Wiki Article on COMs in Borderlands 2
List of Max Stat COMs for Zer0 from Zoo’s Max Stat gear list.
jiandersonzer0’s Guide to Zer0’s Skills.

DISCLAIMER: While this provides a concise reason for each COM, do be aware that the ranking is influenced by OP’s opinions/experiences/playstyles, and are liable to be changed. All players are entitled to their own opinions about the viability of each individual skill or class mod. I recognize that there are varying degrees of skill across all Zer0 players, and that this is not a 100% accurate representation of every single player’s feelings on each class mod. If you feel differently on the rating a given class mod, please describe why and give your opinion below. The integrity of this guide depends on your input!

All COMs in the game provides various passive bonuses, as listed on the Item Card. For example, a Ninja COM with +50% Melee Damage will add +50% Melee Damage to Zer0 right off the bat while it’s equipped. In addition, all COMs above White level rarity increases the rank of a skill or skills up to +5 (or +6 with a Blue COM) at level 50, increasing the rank over 5/5 (up to a cap of 11/5 with a Blue COM). However, the bonuses are only applied if you already have a rank in the skill that is boosted. So expanding the previous example, a Shadow Ninja provides +6 to Backstab, but you won’t get an extra +48% Melee bonus when striking an enemy from behind until you actually spec into Backstab.

Rarity of COMs are as follows:
White COMs only provide their variables bonus, with no skill boost
Green COMs will provide the same variable bonus as white COMs, and will boost one of the 3 skills listed in their entry, by a maximum of +5 (starting at level 50)
Blue COMs will have the usual bonus, and will boost 2 skills out of the 3 listed, one by +6 and the other by +5. Blue rarity COMs are the only way to get a skill boost of +6 and therefore make a skill 11/5.
Purple COMs will also provide the basic COM bonus, and will boost all 3 skills listed, one by +5, the other 2 by +4 at maximum, but often boosts skills by +5, +4, and then +3.

While Purple guns are generally better than Blue guns (Blue Guns with red text are the exception,) this is not always the case with COMs. In fact, depending on the build, a Blue COM will be better than a Purple COM, especially if one of the skills boosted by the COM is unused. For this reason, the ideal COM’s prefix will be highlighted the same color as the preferred rarity. Likewise, the skills boosted by each COM will be highlighted in Green for Sniping, Blue for Cunning, and Red for Bloodshed.

The ranking system I’ll be using is the same one used in most other guides.
Below-Average: When a class mod is least preferred among most players with heavy criticism on its attributes, this rank is given.
Average: When a class mod is generally considered to be a viable choice but has more preferred alternatives, this rank is given.
Good: When a class mod is preferred among most players with minimal criticism on its attributes, this rank is given.
Outstanding: When a class mod is highly recommended and praised among all players at endgame, this rank is given.

NOTE: The COM’s maximum stat bonus listed below will be for lvl 72/OP 8. Obviously at levels above and below lvl 72 will have different maximum values, along with the randomness/difficulty of trying to find a COM with the maximum stats, much less one with the skill boosts you want. For a better idea of the stats across lvl 50, 61 or across OP levels, check out the Max Stat spreadsheet above.

Infiltrator Below-Average
lvl 72: +31% Fire Rate, +45% Melee Damage
OP 8: +32% Fire Rate, +48% Melee Damage
Be Like Water (Graceful)
Unf0rseen (Tricky)
Iron Hand (Rugged)
This COM aims for a mix between Gun and Melee Zer0, but ultimately doesn’t do too well with either. Both Iron Hand and Be Like Water give overall minor additive bonuses to melee (+15% and +30%, respectively and at 5/5.) While Be Like Water gives bonuses to Melee AND Gun Damage, it can’t do both at the same time due to how it works. As a result, some players tend to pick up other COMs like the Ninja or the Killer for their hybrid builds.
Pros: Stat boosts are actually pretty nice.
Cons: Boosts Sub-par Skills. Also, Be Like Water with a COM that boosts Fire Rate? What?!
Ideal: Tricky Infiltrator (+5 Unf0rseen, +4 to others)

Killer Good
lvl 72: +50% Team Critical Damage
OP 8: +54% Team Critical Damage
Fearless (Unpredictable)
Killer (The)
Ambush (Contemptible)
An excellent COM for players with a mixed gun loadout but still like making things’ heads explode. Not only does it increase the Critical Damage for your teammates as well, the Ambush skill can be up almost 100% when with a partner or three, making this a welcome Co-op COM.
Pros: Everybody gets to pop some heads!
Cons: Killer is a Kill skill, which is not always guaranteed in Co-op…
Ideal: Contemptible Killer (+6 Ambush, +5 Killer)

Ninja Outstanding
lvl 72: +57% Melee Damage
OP 8: +61% Melee Damage
Backstab (Shadow)
Resurgence (Bloodied)
Killing Bl0w (Lethal)

Hands down the best COM for Melee Zer0 until the Legendary variant was released. Along with boosting Melee damage, the COM boosts Backstab and Killing Bl0w, both multiplicative skills.
Pros: You get to be a ninja without being a mutant turtle.
Cons: You’re not a mutant turtle. Also, no gun bonuses.
Ideal: Shadow Ninja (+6 Backstab, +5 Killing Bl0w)

Professional Good
lvl 72: +34% Reload Speed, +116724 Shield Capacity
OP 8: +35% Reload Speed, +310304 Shield Capacity
Tw0 Fang (Unequaled)
Killer (The)
Ambush (Succinct)
Very similar to the Killer COM in skill boosts, with the exception of Tw0 Fang instead of Fearless, the bonuses to Reload Speed and Shield Capacity makes lean slightly more towards for solo play rather than co-op. The increase in Reload Speed is very welcome, especially once Killer is proc’d, which really helps with guns that frequently reload or have a long reload time. The increase in Shield Capacity can help a little with shields with low capacity, but do be aware that this COM doesn’t boost any skills that increase Shield Recharge, which can add another second or two to fully recharge a shield. This can hurt Nova and Amp Shields (except for The Bee), so use shields that have their effects active regardless if they’re only partially charged.
Pros: You now have the means to kill everyone you met, now you just need a plan.
Cons: Potential synergy problems with some shields, if one isn’t paying attention to overall loadout, but fairly minor.
Ideal: Succinct Professional (+6 Ambush, +5 Killer or +5 Ambush, +4 others.)

Rogue Outstanding
lvl 72 | OP 8
+34% | +35% Accuracy (Lawful)
+50% | +54% (+81% | 86%) Magazine (Neutral, True Neutral if it rolled Magazine size twice.)
+34% | +35% Fire Rate (Chaotic)
+34% | 35% Reload Speed (Good)
+50% | +54% (+81% | 86%) Magazine (Neutral, True Neutral if it rolled Magazine size twice.)
+50% | +54% Critical Damage (Evil)
Tw0 Fang
Like the Wind
Being a Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep exclusive COM, the Prefixes aren’t tied to the Skill Boosts, but rather to the varied weapon bonuses it provides. Because of this, is a great COM for Snipers in particular since it can boost Mag Size and Fire Rate or Reload Speed for building stacks of Critical Ascensi0n. However, the Skill boosts are often ignored, since Melee Zer0s won’t find much that this COM offers beyond Like the Wind, and Sniper Zer0s tend to forgo Tw0 Fang since it wastes sniper ammo, as well as Vel0city since Lyuda and Pimpernel don’t play nice with this skill. Other than that, this COM’s varied Stat Boosts can be useful for any Gun Build.
Pros: One of the few COMs for Zer0 that can buff Fire Rate and Magazine size.
Cons: Variable stat bonuses means that you’re gonna have a rough time farming for these. 2 of the skills boosted are Tier 5 skills, which require a lot of investment in their respective trees to even use.
Ideal: Insert Alignment Here Rogue (Varies, depends on your loadout. Refer to this old thread for help. +6 Velocity, +5 Two Fang, or +6 Tw0 Fang, +5 Like the Wind when using the Pimpernel, Twister, etc.)

Shot Below-Average
lvl 72: +33% Team Accuracy
OP 8: +35% Team Accuracy
0ptics (Long)
Precisi0n (Sure)
Kill C0nfirmed (True)

Zer0’s other team boosting COM, the Accuracy boosts from both the COM itself and from Precisi0n can help a lot with weapons with spread, such as Shotguns or the Skullmasher. That’s basically all the COM really has going for it, with some below average skills otherwise, and Accuracy is not quite as useful for teammates as Critical Damage.
Pros: More accuracy means less wasted bullets!
Cons: Only one of the skills actually boosts the damage of hitting somebody.
Ideal: True Shot (+6 Kill C0nfirmed, +5 Precisi0n)

Sniper Good
lvl 72: +45% Sniper Rifle Damage, +45% Sniper Rifle Critical Damage (bugged, affects all weapons), -122030 Shield Capacity
OP 8: +48% Sniper Rifle Damage, +48% Sniper Rifle Critical Damage (bugged, affects all weapons), -324409 Shield Capacity
Precisi0n (Tranquil)
0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill (One Shot)
Headsh0t (Deadly)

At a glance, the COM only appeals to Sniper Zer0s, but with the Sniper Rifle Critical boost still affecting all weapon types, this can also be a good COM for general gun Zer0s. High capacity shields such as Turtle shields are generally used with this to overcome the reduced Shield Capacity.
Pros: Good for shooting heads off.
Cons: Shield debuff on a character that has few survival skills.
Ideal: One Shot Sniper (+6 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill, +5 Headsh0t OR +5 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill, +4 Headsh0t and Precisi0n)

Spy Good
lvl 72 / OP 8: +16% Action Skill Cooldown Rate
Vel0city (Swift)
Ambush (Contemptible)
Unf0rseen (Tricky)

Outside of the Legendary Hunter, this is the only COM that boosts Zer0’s cooldown rate, which pairs well with its boosts to both Ambush and Unf0rseen. The most recent patch to BL2 greatly boosted Unf0rseen’s scaling into UVHM, which also made this COM a lot more useful in late-game.
Pros: More Decepti0n, more often!
Cons: Cooldown Rate bonus is the lowest of all the Vault Hunters, and very little bonuses for out of Decepti0n. Also OP8 Maximum is the same as lvl 72.
Ideal: Contemptible Spy (+6 Ambush, +5 Unf0rseen)

Stalker Good
lvl 72: +31% Pistol Fire Rate, +45% Pistol Magazine Size, +44% Shield Recharge Rate
OP 8: +32% Pistol Fire Rate, +48% Pistol Magazine Size, +47% Shield Recharge Rate
F0ll0wthr0ugh (Shadow)
Rising Sh0t (Disturbed)
C0unter Strike (Razored)

Hey, want to make the Unkempt Harold a bullet hose? Don’t think your Anarchist fires fast enough? Comrade, I have a COM just for you! Combine this with the Sheriff’s Badge to really keep the bullets flying! The Shield Recharge rate is also an underrated, but very useful boost to survival.
Pros: More Fire rate and bigger Magazine, what more can you ask for Vladof pistols?
Cons: Doesn’t do much for Jakobs pistols, and other weapon types only get bonuses from the skills.
Ideal: Disturbed Stalker (+6 Rising Sh0t, +5 F0ll0wthr0ugh) for Gun builds or Shadow Stalker (+6 F0ll0wthr0ugh, +5 Rising Sh0t) for Melee/Gun hybrids.

Survivor Average
lvl 72: +132641 Max Health, 3481.8 Health Regeneration
OP 8: +352619 Max Health, 9256.2 Health Regeneration
Rising Sh0t (Disturbed)
Resurgence (Bloodied)
Ambush (Contemptible)
This has a specific niche with an OP Level Turtle Shield for Healthgate abuse builds. Beyond that, this COM does have some nice survivability for Zer0, as well as boosts to Rising Sh0t and Ambush. It’s a solid COM, but some other COMs can simply do more with other skills.
Pros: Healthgate abuse with pretty good weapon bonuses from skills.
Cons: Healthgate abuse requires very specific COM and Shield level to make the most use. Healthgate abuse is also extremely vulnerable to DoTs.
Ideal: Contemptible Survivor (+6 Ambush, +5 Rising Sh0t)

Legendary C0Ms:

Unlike the C0Ms above, these have their skill boosts/prefixes locked, so the only thing that changes between any two otherwise identical versions of these C0Ms is the invisible parts that contributes to the overall stat bonuses. So instead of Prefixes, I have listed what drops the C0Ms. At level 50 and above, all skill boosts listed under each of these C0Ms are +5, except for the Slayer of Terramorphous which is locked at +4 regardless of how high level it is.

Legendary Hunter Good
lvl 72: +44% Action Skill Cooldown Rate, +36% Critical Damage, +24% Reload Speed
OP 8: +47% Action Skill Cooldown Rate, +39% Critical Damage, +25% Reload Speed
Using Decepti0n instantly restores 10% of your Health
Fast Hands
C0unter Strike
Killing Bl0w
Ir0n Hand
A general use COM for Zer0, working with virtually any build with increased survivability from Decepti0n, high bonuses to Reload speed and Critical Damage, and increased Melee power from Killing Bl0w. Best used when more specialized COMs don’t fit your build.
Pros: Jack of all Trades
Cons: Master of None
Dropped by: Vermivorous the Invincible, world drop.

Legendary Killer Outstanding
lvl 72: +53% Team Critical Damage
OP 8: +57% Team Critical Damage
Tw0 Fang
What the Legendary Killer loses from lacking Fearless, it gains back with Tw0 Fang, Vel0city, and Headsh0t, all of which are active while shields are up. Great with Tw0 Fang gun builds.
Pros: Everybody gets to pop some heads! Also more skills than vanilla Killer.
Cons: Skipping some of the skills with this COM (especially Tw0 Fang) gimps COM’s effectiveness.
Dropped by: Tubby Enemies starting at lvl 62.

Legendary Ninja Outstanding
lvl 72: +60% Melee Damage
OP 8: +64% Melee Damage
Killing Bl0w

Angels everywhere (or maybe just Ninja Assassins) sang out in joy when this COM was released, this is THE COM to have for Melee in late game with bonuses to Ambush, Killing Blow, and Backstab all together in one package, beating out a Shadow Ninja by 12% melee damage from boosted skills. The boost to F0ll0wthr0ugh also is fantastic for Many Must Fall chains due to further Melee and Movement bonuses.
Pros: You are now the Hokage.
Cons: You are still not a mutant turtle.
Dropped by: Tubby Enemies starting at lvl 62.

Legendary Sniper Good
lvl 72: +48% Sniper Rifle Damage, +48% Sniper Rifle Critical Damage (bugged, affects all weapons), -148558 Shield Capacity
OP 8: +51% Sniper Rifle Damage, +51% Sniper Rifle Critical Damage (bugged, affects all weapons), -394933 Shield Capacity
0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill
Kill C0nfirmed

While it’s an excellent choice for Sniper Zer0s, it loses out to the Rogue COM from Crit Stacking. Also, the bonus to Vel0city would be nice if it didn’t negatively affect the Pimpernel or the Lyuda, Zer0’s two best sniper rifles.
Pros: Better Sniping, and more critical bonuses!
Cons: Still loses some Shield Capacity, but not as much of a one-trick pony with snipers since skills boosted helps other weapons too.
Dropped by: Tubby Enemies starting at lvl 62.

Slayer of Terramorphous Below-Average
lvl 72: +32% Burn Chance, +32% Burn Damage, +122030 Max Health
OP 8: +34% Burn Chance, +34% Burn Damage, +324409 Max Health
(all skill bonus are +4)
Fast Hands
C0unter Strike
Ir0n Hand

Similar skill boosts to the Legendary Hunter (just swap out 0ptics for Killing Bl0w,) it nonetheless is a very lacking COM for Zer0, since he isn’t focused on Elemental Damage, and the +Max Health from Ir0n Hand and COM is questionable in UVHM without Health Regen. With the skill boosts being locked at +4 even beyond lvl 50, this COM becomes nothing more than a trophy to show off to newcomers that one time you killed Terramorphous.
Pros: You managed to kill Terry! Congratulations!
Cons: Hide of Terramorphous is a better Trophy.
Dropped by: Gee… I wonder who you have to kill to get “Slayer of Terramorphous.” Clearly a mystery to everybody…


Honestly I call this a “pro”

One note re: the Legendary Sniper. Farm it at 62 as soon as Tubby’s can drop it, and then use it forever. A level 62 COM will have a much smaller Shield Capacity penalty than a 72/OPx, and all the benefits remain.


Obviously, anecdotal evidence is not very useful, but I’ve found that the most useful class mods for me are the Legendary Ninja, Legendary Sniper, Chaotic Neutral Rogue, Chaotic Evil Rogue, and Legendary Killer. I would definitely rate the Rogue class mod as outstanding, as well as the Legendary Sniper.

The Chaotic Rogue com is the best fire rate boosting COM Zer0 has available, and it can also offer a great boost to either critical hit damage or magazine size. This com is Sniper Zer0’s best raiding com for most bosses.

The Legendary Sniper com is simply unmatched in one shot potential for gun Zer0.


Well ain’t this a relic now. Still a decent resource though, but it needed an update due to the most recent patch.

In other words, this makes Slayer of Terramorphous the only Below Average COM on this list now.

Indeed, this needs a cleanup.

The problem with Zero’s COMs is that most of them are quite good, so picking the “bad” one out of the lot is a matter of comparison. As everyone WILL use a COM, rating them all as average or better is tantamount to saying “class mods are good” …which is not the desired effect here.

Anyway, here are my personal recommendations on the subject :smile:

The Infiltrator COM is still not good IMO
the bonus are all focused on hybrid builds but don’t really mesh well together and 2 of the 3 skills boosted are bad. If you want a boost to Unforseen, you’re better served with a Spy COM (that boosts cooldown and Ambush) Average is a good rating IMO.

Conversely, I think the Spy COM deserves a rating of good
Kunai and decoy spamming is more than viable now.
Change of description for the Spy COM: Ideal parts should be Tricky, with +6 Unforseen and +5 in Ambush)

Everything the shot COM does, the Lawful Rogue and Sniper COM do better.
it could be rated as bad IMO. (I know some people like it, but it’s still very niche, and this guide is for new players)

The survivor COM on it’s own is nothing better than average. That it’s part of a cool combo shouldn’t matter in it’s rating because it’s a rating of it’s value as a COM. In short, it’s not good: it’s NEEDED for the combo, and average otherwise.

The Professional COM should be rated Outstanding.
I’m serious.
It does EVERYTHING right.
the base bonus are good, the skill boosted are ALL great. In my mind, for a gun zero that doesn’t use snipers, it’s second only to the Legendary Killer…and just barely. I think it’s the Gun equivalent of the Ninja COM (which is also rated as outstanding even though the Leg. Ninja also has that rating)
but it’s even better in it’s own comparison: it covers almost all the ground that the Leg. Killer does and even throws a little survivability in the mix. And the reload speed bonus is also great.
Change to the Professional COM’s description: Ideal parts should be purple: All 3 skills are great and none are critical enough to require +6 instead of +5.

On the Rogue and Sniper: They should get consistent ratings (both are “Good” IMO, with the Rogue disputably a Outstanding candidate)
Any COM can be bad with the wrong loadout or a bad mix of prefixes, that’s why we have the “Ideal parts” section.
The Ninja COM doesn’t get a lowered rating because it’s not as good if you don’t do melee.
So the Sniper COM shouldn’t get a lowered rating because it depends on you equipping sniper rifles.

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Yeah, I really need to do a whole lot more than a “light dusting” for this guide. I’ve edited some write ups for the COMs, but I think I need to dive back into the different COMs and how they encourage different play styles, and basically overhaul the majority of the descriptions here with a (hopefully) more mature and experienced POV. Certainly the Spy COM became a lot better now that I’ve realized the firepower of Unf0rseen post-patch (I was rolling 4/5 and it was nearly one-shotting Psychos from full health.)

At the moment I’m mostly agreeing with your suggested rankings for some of the COMs, but it’s going to take some time for me to rewrite a lot of guide and make it a bit more consistent, at least on the given rankings.

EDIT: One thing I thought of would help a little at least with the Rankings is basically expanding it from Below Average/Bad< Average< Good< Outstanding to Bad< Below Average< Average< Good< Outstanding. Basically change it to a five point scale rather than a four point scale.

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In my experience, it has never actually HELPED to change the scale, as this is where arguments about the finer points of each item start.
I have always resisted that change with my own guides.
The more granular the scale, the less meaningful it is to look at at-a-glance and the harder it is to get the rating right.
Hypothetically, if you were to change to a scale of 1 to 100 (for example), not only would there would be no point in differentiating between the COM that gets 68 and the one that got 67, but the ratings would also be wrong if you changed the gear just a little. and the rating itself would lose all meaning, and would actually be misleading. It would also confuse first time players, who are the exact people we are trying to help.

Also, the more precise the scale, the more this becomes an exercise in “I slightly prefer this over this” …a sort of veteran player’s thesis… and the less it is “here’s what to look for, and here’s what to avoid”

I say the smaller the scale is, the more value this guide has and the easier it is to get a good idea of what to look for.

One last thing: usually, the extra rating will take place between “bad” and “average” … a space that has actually no reason to deserve an expansion. More finely classifying COMs we are already suggesting to avoid is not helping.

1 out of 4 is the smallest the scale can be with still being useful. It’s also conveniently easy to remember.

  • Don’t use this
  • Use this if you must
  • Use this
  • You have to get this

I think the OP5 Legendary Sniper C0M beats out the OP8 version. For 1% less SR damage and crit damage, you get reduced shield penalty (almost 100k), which makes Zer0 a bit more cannon than glass.

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The min-maxing part of me loves this.

But at the same time, the OCD part hates the odd numbers -_-.

It’s a dilemma

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COMs have random parts too. Not all OP5 COMs are the same, nor are all OP8. You just got lucky on your OP5 one and unlucky on your OP8 one.

But yes, generally speaking, % bonus rise slowly and fixed number bonus and penalties scale normally. You might even find a level 72 even better.

While that is true, he IS right that the OP5 com is technically more worth it than the OP8

The trade off for more shield capacity is better overall.

Besides, I’m pretty sure all Legendary COMs are pretty much identical, there isn’t really variance in the stats when it comes to parts, only the level of the COMs really affect the stat boosts. But I’m not sure. But looking at Gibbed, there isn’t really any immediate difference between them.

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I can tell you that this is not true, from first hand experience. The COMs found in the game have varying stats even at the same level. I don’t know what goes on 3rd party software, I can only speak for those COMs I found in-game over the last 2 years.

That part I completely agree with.

To this end some relics are the same way- I have a level 28 Sheriff’s Badge on Zero that has a 20.9% damage and 56% fire rate, which is not too far off its max damage…

I can back this up with physical evidence if anybody disagrees. All COMs come with six levels of stat boosts, so two COMs of the same level can vary.

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Finally got around to updating this again, which also means some COMs had their rankings adjusted.

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A minor update, found a link to the old thread on Tiny Tina’s COMs, so readded it for reference to the Rogue COM.

Although I do not know whether it is correct now,DLC4 CoMs as Nercomancer were incorrect.
For example,Chaostic Good prefix COM has 35% rateBonus and 35% reloadBonus,in actuality, it showed 54%/54% bonus.

Anyway,DLC4 mods are too stronk.

I’ve never seen anything above 35% on TT COMs, I don’t know about those 54% … Maybe a bug or something.

The sarcasm is strong in this one.

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