Class mod annointments and 4th skill tree?

If the class mods will be updated to have a kind of annointments what do you believe would be created as far as annointments go for each vault hunter? Same for a 4th skill tree for each vault hunter and action skill?

Maybe annointments could be their kill skill centric kinda like zanes seein dead class mod along with others that add some weird interesting interactions.

I think giving the ability to dive into other elements besides cryo for zane would be awesome. Amara could get a cryo based tree as well since all her trees do every other damage. Fl4k im not sure what they would need. And moze could get a tree thay actually has some healing with maybe corrosive to add to her corrosive class mod in jackpot dlc.

I don’t think we are ever gonna get anointed class mods.

i dont think thats going to happen
how did you come to this idea?

on the anointments…
best scenario would be that they rework the whole thing (and hope they don’t mess up the way they did with M2.0)

me, like many others had the idea that anointments (if they want to keep using this) shouldn’t roll on weapon drops but instead should be tied to trinkets.

maybe do something with the mails the companies send you (actualy make it something you can farm for and have some fun while at it -> this will probably get me to finaly use some atlas weapons appart from OPQ)

and anointed classmods… hell no! -_- farming a good classmod is near impossible as it is, let allone when you need to roll a good anointment.

on the 4th skilltree…
i had some ideas since i bought the game…

for zane -> a skilltree that revolves around grenades (as zane can equip 2 skills, using a grenade atm isn’t your best option by far) oh and when you have the dome mod equiped, have it be picked up instead of dropped when activated

moze -> remove auto bear and turn it into a full skilltree… i allways hated playing moze because of her skill… i want to shoot my guns not pilot my skill…

amara… no idea what could possibly be a good new tree for her (melee/brawl tree?)

fl4k -> loaderbot tree :smiley: (and while we’re at it… a robot slaughter! and while they’re at that, slaughter for all DLC and planets)


Because of a video on youtube based off of one of the devs talks not sure if it was true but could be a posibility, I genuinely would be interesterested in it as an idea personally, just adding more interesting factors to the all around game would make it way more fun imo too.

Also imo if they made it so action skills combod with each vault hunter it would have made it worth while to do campaign or just go to a live server. Like what if fl4k when they go invis maybe if they are in iron bear then iron bear could go invisible too and gain crit shots for every shot.

Dude the annointments tied to trinkets would be awesome agreed full on with that. Farming for a specific weapon or shield with a certain annointment is super frustrating.

Yes mailing is annoying id be willing to aave and trade mails for legendary mails imo.

Well annointed class mod i just heard about from a youtube video so was just interested in theofies on what they would focus on

Yeah for a zane 4th skill tree id rather it focus on where his gaps are at which is adding damage multipliers like the others have but idk imo i think the red tree needs to be reworked if you go single action skill its awesone because a of nade gen bit other then that its ver lacluster espexially high end.

I really have no clue for the others since i hardly play them, atleast for moze I know under 50% +150 radiation is crazy good imo is busted since she still makes kaoson good with it. Would like something up her movement speed though valkyrie shoulda been on zane lol.

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I responded to a similar post. NO TO CLASS MOD ANOINTMENTS. I REPEAT NO AND NO. Never ever bring that up again.


Why if it adds to game mechanics and such then it should be a sign of fortune vs misfortune in its sted. It could allow other builds to be viable as well if given the oppurtunity.

Calm down satan I don’t think I can handle another layer of rng.


I honestly would rather see further expansion of the 3 trees that we have. There are plenty of open spots to slap some new skills.

at least in moze’ skilltree^^

How is it rng when its not random and the numbers can be added up?

True i thought about that as well

Y wouldn’t it be rng you gota farm for it am I right? You gota hope you get the annointment your looking for? You gota hope its not an annointment for another character etc. Thats R.N.G. I doubt if GBX were to make annointments for class mods you think they are just gonna throw it in without making you work for it? Yea right