Class Mod farming?

Hey everyone. Does anybody know the best spots to farm class mods OFFLINE?. I remember reading on here somewhere that legendary class mods only drop online. My internet is going through a phase or something lately and I’m unable to play online. I’ll settle for some good purple ones though if I can find some. Quitting/reloading the vending machines gets tiresome.

I have never had a class mod drop offline, but I have found quite a few online.

I would recommend Chupa if you are offline on Mayhem3. Easy to kill, fast and easy to get to, drops a good chunk of gear and I always saw a lot of purple mods from him.

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K. Thanks. I’ll go check him out.

They DO NOT drop when offline. At all. You need to go online.

Never got one offline either. Megamind seems to drop at least 1 every 5-10 kills on TVHM M3.

Wow. I’m realizing that now. I’m gonna turn on my mobile hotspot and see if that’s good enough for today. Giga Mind is the place to go though huh?

Thanks again guys. I did just get an artifact from chupa that “substantially increases luck”. I’ll see what that does for me too.

Graveward has given me 11 mods from 50 kills

Grave Ward is better, but for me Gigamind is a whole lot faster and easier to kill.

I get 1 leg mod around every 5-10 kills like the person who posted above.

Well, gigamind just dropped me a siren annointed Hellwalker (after phasecast status effect upped 50%) if anybody wants to trade up with that.

No mods from gigamind, moving on to graveward.

Hell, he was dropping PLENTY of other loot, just no mods. I got that Hellwalker, a Kaos, a fire resistant Rough Rider, and a fire Handsome Jackhammer.

Class mods DO drop offline just not as much as offline, I primarily play offline and have gotten multiples from graveward, and yes they are legendary. Legendary mods can also come out of the gold key chest as well though that’s not necessarily a reliable source

Good to know. My game just seems to crash every 10 minutes online anyways.

Yes I have had them drop offline, but the only way i ever got a legendary class mod off line was at Moxxis one armed bandit the one that says legendary drop if get 3 of a certain kind to line up… But I went through millions before I ever got one from the one arm bandit.

And on mayhem 3…

I’ve had the same issue, if I’m online my game crashes frequently, I’ve only had it crash once offline, which is why I play offline. Like I said though the chances of them dropping offline are much lower, so you’ll have to farm more than normal.

Oh well I guess. I’m determined to get a good class mod for my Operative and Beastmaster… Time for the marathon farm runs…

What beastmaster mod are you looking for?

Either Cosmic Stalker or Deadeye…

I don’t know all of the class mods yet.

I think I have a couple, wont be on for a couple hours but send me your psn and if I have them I’ll send them to ya

Oh man, I’m on xbox…