Class mod for melee zane?

Have been playing around again with a nova/facepuncher zane (snowshoe with ass, facepuncher with novas while asa, cutpurse white elephant).

Now while rolls such as melee dam, splash radius are fairly obvious, the actual choice of class mod eludes me a tad. Looking through what zane has, the only one that would seem to add to damage or usefulness seems to be the conductor. (Using sntnl to keep the facepuncher novas going and don’t want to cheese too much with the clone)

Any thoughts most welcome.

Thanks in advance :kissing_heart:

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Before the 4th skill tree I used an infiltrator with low level brawler ward 300% roid. Since the new tree I am using a spy with ass frozen heart and spamming the cannon for cryo novas. Works well.



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I did consider a spy mod with as many points in commitment as possible but finding such a mod along with useful stat rolls is unlikely in the near future :roll_eyes::yum:

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Are you on ps4? I have a godroll with 4 in commitment and one in capstone. Have with melee passive and action skill damage.

I am and would be most appreciative if you can spare it, but do let me know if there are any items that you are looking for bud.

Send a fr to muletastic. Only thing I am currently seeking is a ase fire its piss, but it’s no deal breaker. I’ll sort it when I get home later

Ill send this over for you bud :grin:

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Frozen enemies take 300% damage from melee.

I don’t think anything can substitute for that. Throw on an icebreaker and the facepuncher really doesnt need much more.

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