Class mod grinding

Every time I grind 3 Athena purple class mods with moonstone, I received legendary doppeldanger. 3 for 3 now. I’m pissed. Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong.

You are doing nothing wrong, there has been many bugs with the grinder recently, i have heard of people moonstone grindings purples to get a blue back, there is meant to be a chance to get a random orange class mod for any class when doing purples but 3/3 doppelgangers does seem high

Just keep trying i guess

For grinding class mods, using blue or lower will always result in a class mod of the character you are using.

Using purple with moonstones will make it random. Three times in a row, exact same mod, that’s just bad luck.

Keep going but dashboard out when you don’t get the right class mod. I done the same for my Wilhelm. I wasted about 9 purple mods then gave up and exploited the dashboard nonsense. It’s a pain but I got the mod I was looking for after 5 attempts

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