Class mod just disappeared

Travelled from sanctuary to a proving ground and found I wasn’t doing nearly the same amount of damage with my favourite jakobs companion as 2 minutes ago. Strange I thought.

Looked in my inventory and found my legendary class mod which boosted pistols damage by over 30%, increased jakobs accuracy and boosted damage based skills was simply missing, also atleast 4 weapons also disappeared into the ether!

Great job GB, as a pistol centric build it had taken ages to get a half decent mod and now its effectively stolen!
OK, its not as bad as loosing the contents of the bank some people are getting but its extremely annoying to lose such an important cornerstone of a build.

When are we getting a REAL BUGFIX patch to fix the glaring mainly cosmetic bugs in this game and the more serious cr*p like this that can wipe items out on a whim?