Class Mod or new capstone for double damage against SNTL or Clone target

We all know Zane is seriously lacking in dps to the other vault hunters. I think making a skill available that buffs all damage done to a targeted mob from STNL ( also make same targeting available to Clone) would be great. Double damage of equipped weapon to any targeted mob. You would have to make this also visible to teammates. (It keeps the actions skills in play giving you a reason to use them. )

I want to like Zane, I have him at 50, but started with a Moze who is also at 50. I can sleepwalk through TVHM mayhem 3 with Moze, where at Normal, mayhem 1 with Zane, I feel guilty even joining a social proving ground as I am wet toilet paper if I get caught somewhere without the barrier up.

Moze can take an Anointed militant in about 3-4 magazines of a flakker, where its a 10 minute slog with anything Zane can bring to the table.

While I do think double damage would be excessive and potentially completely broken, a damage boost similar to Zer0’s mark to targeted ennemy could definitely be interesting.

Edit : sorry I just noticed how old this topic is…

The thing is, even though this is blasphemy around here, I wanted other characters nerfed before Zane was buffed. The absolute hardest mode in the game (TVHM/M3) should be difficult even for the strongest vault hunters. However, with the announcement of a future Mayhem 4, I am now on team Zane buff. I want Mayhem 4 to be tough but doable for all vault hunters. In a perfect world, Zane would be buffed to the other VH’s levels, and Mayhem 4 would end up feeling like what current Mayhem 3 is for Zane for all VH’s.

I could see some 30% increase, but double is just and overkill.

Once you find the gear you want for a good build tvhm m3 is pretty easy. Though agreed it’s mostly different from my Amara. I prefer the challenge of Zane. Also Zane has the best pets in game hands down. I go sentinel/clone because I find the green tree almost useless. I prefer using one /two weapons so freeze sucks for this, annoitments fail unless you kill your own clone to proc em, almost nothing good ever freezes. Though at least the good stuff for deathless mode is at the bottom. So I basically skip all the action skill duration increases or resets so I can have annoitments proc with out clone nuking. Go all action skill cd and turn and burn the clone. Facepuncher is an excellent starting weapon to farm that’s easy to get in any difficulty.